Talking about Easter trading (or not)

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris   Last year the law governing whether shops can open on Easter Sunday changed. Now individual councils can decide on behalf of their communities whether trading is allowed. From... Read More

Ahead of our time

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits   It's the eve of election day and I know you've just been soaking up all the drama and debate ahead of this big occasion. Which is why we've dedicated this column to talking... Read More

Spotlight on Melissa Cox

Spotlight on...with Janne GuitarGirl   Although born in Delaware, USA, Melissa Cox fell in love with New Zealand and emigrated here in 2013. She is now a full-fledged resident and hopes to become a citizen one day. Her dad is a singer/songwriter... Read More

For the love of community sport

Active Voicewith Daniel HarrisonCommunity Sport Team Leader   Sport, in all its forms, is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, physical abilities, and cultural and social backgrounds, and getting more people involved (and for longer)... Read More

A century of history around the ring

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian You could almost feel over a century of history around the ring, when the Boxing New Zealand senior titles were decided in Rotorua on Friday night. The first National Championships... Read More

Tropospheric Temperatures 1979 to August 2017

Weather Eyewith John Maunder The chart below shows that since 1979, when reliable satellite observations became available, there has been little overall trend in the average tropospheric temperatures, apart from  milder/warmer temperatures... Read More

Spotlight on Shirley Ryder

Spotlight on...with Janne GuitarGirl   Born in England, local singer-songwriter Shirley Ryder briefly moved to Cyprus before emigrating to New Zealand at the age of nine and has remained here ever since. Shirley learned to play the piano while... Read More

Do I need a nutritional supplement? (Part 2)

John ArtsAbundant Living Most people take B vitamins for stress or energy. While B vitamins don't reduce stress, they are actively involved in making the energy we need.   B vitamins are coenzymes and act a little... Read More

Forward thinking to Tauranga in 2050

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris   Predictions about the future are bound to be wrong; as Robert Frost once said: “The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected”. Nonetheless, I'll... Read More

This needs saying, just saying

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits   The election is next weekend, as some of you may have noticed. But you can vote early, as many keen electors have opted to do. The Electoral Commission and some parties are very keen for a big... Read More

A nail biting weekend of rugby

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian It was nail-biting times for Sideline Sid last weekend as the two rugby sides that he supports with a passion, were made to fight for victory.  While the All Blacks were expected... Read More

AIMing for an inclusive New Zealand

Active Voicewith Cherryl ThomsonDisability Sport Adviser He waka eke noa, mō Aotearoa whanui (We are all in this waka together, for all of New Zealand) It's all happening this week! AIMS Games is in town, with the Opening Ceremony held... Read More

Tauranga August Average Afternoon Temperatures 1913-2017

Weather Eyewith John Maunder   Temperatures have been recorded in the Tauranga area at several sites in the last 100 years, including the current Tauranga Airport site from June 1990. The graph shows details of the average daily maximum temperatures,... Read More

Do I need a nutritional supplement? (Part 1)

John ArtsAbundant Living   It is not hard to motivate someone in pain to do things that will relieve pain. It is harder to motivate healthy people to adopt measures that will keep them healthy. Over the next few weeks we... Read More

The city we leave to future generations

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris I was seven when the Tauranga Harbour Bridge opened but I still remember that incredible feeling of being able to walk from the Mount to Tauranga for the very first time. Every... Read More

Houses of Parliament

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits   As you may have heard, there's an election about to happen and much of the news has been dominated with some fairly heavy politics. Involving large sums of money, housing issues, even larger... Read More

Tauranga Rainfalls August 1898-2017

Weather Eyewith John Maunder Rainfalls for the month of August have been recorded in Tauranga since 1898, except for 1904, 1907, 1908 and 1909. From January 1898 to December 1904, the observation site was described as the Tauranga Harbour, from... Read More

Memories of a sports nut

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian Memories came flooding back when Sideline Sid was ringside at TGA Box on Waihi Road on Sunday, to watch regional training for the up-coming Boxing New Zealand amateur championships... Read More

Fiji moved me

Active Voicewith Heidi LitchwarkSport BOP CEO During a holiday in Fiji, I was reminded how much fun people seem to have with a less sedentary lifestyle. Of course, being on holiday in a warm climate, the swimming, snorkeling, water slides and beach... Read More

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