Therapy for Osteoarthritis (Part 2)

John ArtsAbundant Living Nutritional therapy can be effective in helping osteoarthritis. For example I have been helping someone with osteoarthritis (OA) in one knee which affected her mobility. She also had hypertension and... Read More

A difference of opinion in the chamber

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris Last week I watched a yacht crash into a pier. As the vessel came in backwards at speed there was a commotion on deck with the skipper yelling to the person on the throttle “Forward!... Read More

A bourbon drinker’s guide to wine tasting

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits Wine tasting rates right up there amongst my 190 most favourite things to do.The other 189 things involve boating, fishing, hunting and dogs. But if none of those pursuits are possible, then wine tasting... Read More

Out and about in our community

Simon BridgesNational MP It is always great getting out and about in our community. I am so privileged to meet and discuss our city with such a wide range of people. I was lucky to get to Pillans Point School recently for the... Read More

A horse stud on Motiti Island

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian Heard the story about the thoroughbred horse stud on Motiti Island - Yeah Right. Going back over a century, there was indeed a thoroughbred horse stud on the Island that sits majestically... Read More

Tauranga May Rainfalls 1898-2017

Weather Eyewith John Maunder The May rainfall in Tauranga in 2017 was 154 mm.   Apart from the exceptional rainfall of 634 mm in May 2005, the graph shows a small decrease in overall May rainfalls when two recent adjacent 50-year periods are... Read More

Funding the future of sport

Active Voicewith Erin KouwenhovenSport BOP Team Administration Support Applications are now open for the KiwiSport Regional Partnership Fund, a government-funded initiative to promote sport for school-aged children. Sport Bay of Plenty coordinate... Read More

The new normal: The rise of utes

DriveLinewith Stuart Macadam My dad always gets excited when he talks about his first car. It was one of those yellow 1970's Volkswagen Beetles. Although it had its fair share of problems, he'd have you believe it was the greatest vehicle... Read More

Therapy for osteoarthritis (part 1)

John ArtsAbundant Living Everyone is different and this is certainly true when using nutritional therapy for osteoarthritis. Sometimes these differences are obvious – helping someone in their 80s with advanced arthritis... Read More

Investing in the children

Todd TalksBy Todd Muller The National-led Government is currently undertaking the largest ever investment in school infrastructure by any New Zealand government in our country's history, and the Bay of Plenty is reaping the rewards. We are... Read More

Crime, quakes and cost connections

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP This blue government doesn't see the connection between actions like funding cuts to police, changes in insurance premiums, tax cuts, and superannuation, but New Zealand First knows regular New Zealanders... Read More

Get on yer bike!

Catherine McCullochCommunity ManagerSport Bay of Plenty Whether it's for fitness and wellbeing, commuting to work, or simply to get out and about in our beautiful Bay of Plenty, cycling offers a fun and affordable way to travel. Cycling as... Read More

Great cricket news for the Bay!

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian Last week brought the fantastic news for Bay of Plenty cricket fans, that the Bay Oval at Mount Maunganui would be one of seven venues to host matches in the ICC Under 19 Cricket World... Read More

Tauranga April Average Afternoon Temperatures 1913-2017

Weather Eyewith John Maunder Temperatures have been recorded in the Tauranga area at several sites during the last 100 years, including the current Tauranga Airport site from June 1990. It's very common for areas such as Tauranga to have had different... Read More

Rates rises forever or a better way?

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris I once was appointed a juror in a fraud case where a kindergarten administrator was accused of doctoring invoices. She claimed that they all fell out of a folder and into a puddle... Read More

MultiNational party weak on tax avoidance

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP This blue government is talking tough on their multinational cronies' tax avoidance and expecting to claw back about $100 million from them, but what about the rest of it? Even the IRD's conservative... Read More

What does 50 years in the motor business teach you?

DriveLinewith Colin Bower As a professed car lover, I was rapt to land a position with UK Motors in Brisbane in 1967 during a working holiday to Australia. It was an interesting and educational position. Mini Coopers and MGBs were highly sought... Read More

Some random appreciation

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits It's not every day that you get exceptional service around town that leaves you thinking: ‘Wow, that was exceptional service'.So when it happens repeatedly and you think: ‘Wow... Read More

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