Man merges with machine

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits Some science-type bods are getting a bit excited because they believe mankind may be on the brink of merging with machines.Transhumanism, they call it. Not to be confused with trannie-humans. The theory... Read More

Why do children play sport?

Melissa Gordon Primary School Sport DirectorSport Bay of Plenty Here in the Bay of Plenty, children have a variety of sport and physical activity options available to them to keep them healthy and active, whether it be with their families and... Read More

News out of this world

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits Ground Control to Major Tom, there's something wrong, New Zealand's broke, your funding's gone… Astronomers are over the moon with the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets,... Read More

SPOTLIGHT on LA Thompson

Spotlight on...with Janne GuitarGirl LA Thompson has been writing and performing her own music from the age of three. She has been a vocalist in original/covers band Road To Amber, and performed with all-girl band Lace. LA and Chris Barclay form... Read More

Tama Tu Tama Ora – Movement is Key!

Lena Kairau Active Families AdvisorSport Bay of Plenty Unfortunately, the obesity statistics for children in New Zealand do not paint a positive picture. The latest data available from the 2015/16 Health Survey found that one in nine children,... Read More

Sunspots and the Solar climate

Weather Eyewith John Maunder A sunspot is a relatively dark, sharply defined region on the solar disc - marked by an umbra (dark area) which is 2000 degrees Celsius cooler than the effective photosphere temperature. The average diameter of a sunspot... Read More

Keeping track of your offspring: Lesson 101

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits Enjoying yourselves this summer? Someone can soon put a stop to that. Or so the Fun Police think. All over the country, good clean fun is getting the brakes firmly applied, as Health and Safety, noise... Read More

Wellbeing an important part of education

Class Actwith ACG Tauranga PrincipalShawn Hutchinson As a school that prides itself on care and compassion, we have a huge responsibility to the students who study with us each day. Not only are we providing them with a safe, family-oriented learning... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should schools change their policy to appease one student?

Yes, students have a right to stand up for what they believe in.
No, the student, and parents, agrees to the policy when they decide to go to that school.

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