Looking forward to 2017

Andrew von DadelszenFormer Regional Councillor At the start of a new year it is time to set some targets to achieve as an elected regional councillor. I will just highlight four. My first priority is to improve our public transport system in Tauranga.... Read More

A great year coming up!

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP Happy New Year everyone! 2017 is shaping up to be a great one. We have the election coming up later in the year. We don't know exactly when yet, but we are all ready for it. Globally, 2016 saw some monumental... Read More

New Zealand on the right track for a prosperous 2017

Simon BridgesNational MP simonbridges.co.nz New Zealand is on the right track. It's a great place to live, work and raise a family. We're making good progress at a time when many other countries are grappling with big economic challenges... Read More

Celebrating Kiwi achievement must be free

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP Sport is inextricably linked to our national and cultural identity as New Zealanders, and we have a once-in-a-generation chance to let the big money fear mongers know we are standing up to claim our birth right. We... Read More

A long time in politics

Todd TalksBy Todd Muller The old adage is that a week is a long time in politics. It is clearly as true today as when it was first written. In just seven short days we've had the unexpected resignation of our Prime Minister John Key, a fast... Read More

Public Transport Action Needed Now

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP Tauranga needs urgent action on public transport, to head off becoming a mini-Auckland of traffic chaos in the very near future. Two weeks ago I spent my entire Friday on the buses, to see for myself how easy... Read More

Thanks John – you’ve left a legacy

Simon BridgesNational MP simonbridges.co.nz Our diversified, strong economy is an important buffer in challenging times. This week our Prime Minister announced he will be resigning and New Zealand will have a new leader in the coming weeks. John... Read More

New Captain and crew needed

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP The Prime Minister has abandoned his post. New Zealand First is the only party that can offer both, stable leadership in government and positive change. Bill English has already had a national referendum on... Read More

Affordable housing – it can be done, it must be done.

Straight from city councilwith councillor Steve Morris The average sale price of homes in our city rose to more than $615,000 last month, which is welcome equity for homeowners. But spare a thought for the 35 per cent and growing number of our... Read More

Plenty of challenges face our regional council

Andrew von DadelszenFormer Regional Councillor We've now been sworn in as regional councillors, so please be clear my editorials reflect my personal thoughts, and in no way are intended to represent those as a councillor of the Bay of Plenty... Read More

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