Showing off to the PM

Simon BridgesNational MP We all know that Tauranga is a city on the move and recently I had the honour of showing our booming city off to our Prime Minister Bill English. I was lucky enough to show him various organisations and... Read More

Our strong performing regional economy

Simon BridgesNational MP Tauranga has been a hive of activity lately – I know because I'm lucky enough to be invited to various events and business openings in Tauranga. And recently there has been several. I don't... Read More

How water meters saved the city

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris Writing a weekly column has its risks, as I'm sure the last two former councillors who wrote this column could attest! For politicians, the instinct toward self-preservation... Read More

Democracy getting Nick-ed

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP Our water and our land are under threat, with the same Minister in charge. Our water ways have had the bar lowered to make ‘fouled by animals' and ‘full of germs' the new ‘swimmable'. Our... Read More

Conquering Mauao for women’s refuge

Todd TalksBy Todd Muller I've walked up Mauao a few times during the 40-plus years I've been living in the Bay. But there is something about ascending Mauao 38 times in a little more than seven weeks that sears it in the soul. We are... Read More

Red and blue spoiling games

Clayton MitchellNew Zealand First MP “Spoiler alert”: red and blue parties don't listen to voters! On a Wednesday night in March the Broadcasting (Games of National Significance) Amendment Bill had its First Reading, and the level... Read More

Committed to help improving young lives

Simon BridgesNational MP Tauranga has some bright young minds and I'm reminded of this often, not only when I visit schools but also when I'm out and about. Young people should be enthusiastic and positive about their... Read More

MP spies an opportunity

Todd TalksBy Todd Muller Prime Minister Bill English has recently announced Trade Agenda 2030 setting out a bold, ambitious and aspirational plan for New Zealand's international trade moving forward. As the local MP for an equally ambitious... Read More

Government driving council to raise rates or not?

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris The Government has been facing pressure about housing and so has passed the buck onto that perennial “whipping boy” – local councils and their ratepayers. This... Read More

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