Steps to help joint health – Part 3

John ArtsAbundant Living Nutritional therapy can have a profound effect on reducing the inflammation central to osteoarthritis. Much of the pain and loss of function in arthritic joints is from unwanted inflammation. Fortunately,... Read More

Steps to joint health – Part 1

John ArtsAbundant Living Osteoarthritis can cause anything from mild discomfort to seriously restricting quality of life. While medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs provide predictable results, nutritional therapy is more... Read More

How much better can I get? Part 3

John ArtsAbundant Living When speaking with people for the first time many complain of muscle pain, cramps and just general aches and pains. The causes of muscle pain can be everything from joint problems to muscle diseases like... Read More

How much better can I be? Part 2

John ArtsAbundant Living I had a call from a reader that left me speechless. He is 83 and is now good health. Only two years ago he was morbidly obese, diabetic and on several medications. At 81 he chose to make major changes... Read More

Do you have an ‘itis’ problem?

John ArtsAbundant Living Without inflammation we would not be able to fight infections nor heal from injury. The process of inflammation involves the immune system directing chemicals and cells to heal damaged or infected tissue.... Read More

Do you have an ‘itis’? – Part 2

John ArtsAbundant Living Recently, I spoke with a couple who had osteoarthritis in their hands, back and also had issues with muscle pain and ligament damage. I created a comprehensive nutritional programme and they've... Read More

Do you have an ‘itis’? – Part 1

John ArtsAbundant Living Most ongoing health problems involve inflammation. The signs of inflammation are swelling, redness, heat, pain and often a loss of function. In many cases our discomfort comes more from inflammation than... Read More

How well are you aging?

John ArtsAbundant Living Can your biological age be less than your actual age? If it is, you will have better than average health for your age. What steps can we take to have health and appearance better than average? The first... Read More

Resveratrol – a natural compound to help age gracefully

John ArtsAbundant Living You have seen the petrol advertisements offering some special additive to improve your car engine performance. While that may be true we know deep in our cells is a mysterious protein called SIRT1, which... Read More

Protective power of red wine grapes – Part 1

John ArtsAbundant Living The French paradox is the observation that while the French have a diet high in saturated fats, their cardiovascular health is much better than other countries' populations with similar diets. Many... Read More

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