Up the super age now!

The Prime Minister Bill English's announcement that he will seek a mandate at the General Election to up the age of eligibility to 67 to receive superannuation is a no-brainer.

If you ask me he doesn't even need to seek mandate for it – just do it!

In another 10-20 years' time this country will be overrun by a massive number of baby boomers and those under them hitting age 65.

If we don't change the eligibility age out small little country will not be able to afford the super payments.

Also – as time goes by – those who now have Kiwisaver will later on be told: ‘Sorry you have your Kiwisaver now – so we won't be giving you super payments'.

Most countries are upping their super eligibility ages. So why shouldn't we?

A Leslie, Otumoetai.




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