It is a problem of the young

When I left school in the 1950s, I paid one shilling and sixpence in the Social security Tax. Former New Zealand politician Arnold Nordmeyer put that into the Consolidated Fund and we are still paying it. People are living, working and contributing longer, and a larger population means the Universal Super is affordable. Doom and gloom makes news, history and facts are ignored.

At 80 years, I've been paying 7.5 per cent of my earnings for 64 years. Younger people, without jobs, breeding unemployables, on the many benefits available from social welfare, are overburdening the system without contributing. It is not a problem of the ages, it is a problem of the young!

Please study the history and show me where I am wrong.

D Hardie, Paengaroa.

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in answer D Hardie........

Posted on 19-03-2017 08:04 | By groutby

however harsh your comments may be perceived (by the young who often tend to be a little..well.."precious" say the least), I suggest they are right on the money, the thought of actually working to build a better future for themselves is often not an it is "all" wanted right now and for free. I found Mr Rogers "Taling 'bout my generation" ranting on page 2 of the Weekend Sun 17th March, not only entertaining and sadly (for some) so, so accurate.

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