Nothing iconic - yet

So the new i-SITE building will apparently be iconic. Who has decided this description fits the building before it has been built?

The design might be fancy and it looks expensive. But a building in its design stage can't be iconic no matter how much it is going to cost. The designers can't decide for themselves that it is iconic. An author can't decide that a book is a best-seller when it is still being written. The pubic decides.

By definition something can only be iconic when it is one of a kind, is truly magnificent and is revered over a long period of time. Iconic buildings – the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, the Sky Tower, the Rotorua Bath House. Who thinks the Mount i-SITE measures up? To describe the Mount i-SITE design as iconic is self-important arrogance on behalf of the promoters and designers.

GB Haughten, Papamoa.

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Posted on 13-04-2017 19:24 | By groutby

.......the word "Iconic" itself has been downgraded in more recent years much in line with the whole "dumbing down" ( including moral standards/education/self worth/responsibility etc) , so this attempt to suggest that this overpriced building will at best be functional i-SITE building is in fact..."iconic", is yet another example of being given a choice of what is actually and realistically best, or in fact..."easy"....and easy usually wins in today's environment it seems....

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