More fur than one shelter can handle

Some of the kittens looking for new homes. Supplied photos.

They've got big ones and small ones, furry and cuddly ones – and they've got a myriad of colours to choose from.

So which kitten will you take home?

Tauranga SPCA has plenty of cats and kittens looking for adoption right now, and they're urging people to open a kitten-sized hole in their household.

Tauranga SPCA animal attendant Kristel Saul says they're swamped with little fluffy parcels.

“We have a lot of cats and kittens looking for homes, our adults find homes eventually but find them at a slower pace than the kittens.”

All of the kittens are special, but Kristel says some are more special and need a little more love than others.

“We do have special condition kitties called ‘Ca-choo Cats'. These cats have had cat flu previously, which has been treated, but symptoms may arise in their lifetime – especially in stressful situations.

“These cats have a reduced adoption fee of $30 and adopters get a free bag of food. I've spoken to a few people who have adopted these cats and most do not see any symptoms.”

Though people might think it's strange to have an excess of kittens going into winter, Kristel says this is completely normal.

“People think the kitten season has ended, but we are still receiving very young kittens and mums. “This time of the year the adoptions slow down and the cats keep coming in, so we have many to go to new homes.”

If you are considering adopting, there are a few things you should think about before welcoming a meowing new member of the family.

“People should consider that adopting a pet into their lives does require commitment,” says Kristel.

“Even cute cuddly kittens need to have a responsible owner who are ready to look after the animal for their whole lives. A cute cuddly kitten could live to 18 years of age.

“And a big thing to consider is animals do require training and guidance. They can be so adorable but you really need to be ready to train, love and give this animal the attention it deserves.”



Posted on 17-04-2017 13:11 | By Jimmy

totally agree, if they cannot be " homed" exterminate!!!, why all the emphasis on the feel good factor?, this is a non story.


Posted on 16-04-2017 17:25 | By maildrop

Aside from the fact they go and crap in other people's garden so that their owners can live in ignorant bliss, I am at a loss as to why a country spends so much, and places so much emphasis on bringing back the native bird life and eradicating pests and non native animals, yet has so many of these damn things.

So sad

Posted on 16-04-2017 17:10 | By Angel74

that so many cats and kittens are needing homes, hopefully they find loving forever homes soon.

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