The obvious facts cannot be denied

Re: Farmer backlash with Mazda over TV programme it sponsors showing ‘The Price of Milk' episode. What is wrong with farmers of today? I viewed current affairs show Sunday's ‘The Price of Milk' and couldn't see anything in the content that was all that negative of farmers.

There are facts about farming that cannot be denied or covered up.

There are obviously too many dairy farms in NZ these days and too many cows per acre.
Cows per acre used to be one and a farmer could earn a living from 100 cows, as I did. The average today to make an even lesser living is about 420 cows. Cows per acre is creeping up towards two.

Too many cows per acre equals less milk, more cows equal more winter and spring mud, more manure and more urine.

Savaged grazing needs more topdressing, more top dressing equals more run-off and contamination of water levels etc etc.

We all know farmers can moan but moaning about obvious facts is just stupid.

A Bourne, Bethlehem.


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