We should all be storm-prepared

New Zealand was hit by another disaster. Cyclones Debbie and Cook have done their best to destroy us. A lot of people in Bay of Plenty have lost everything. It will take them a long time to recover. How many had emergency provisions ready?

After Cyclone Cook people on social media complained because supermarkets ran out of the basics. Not the supermarkets' fault. I'm sure they had supplies to carry over for Good Friday until they reopened on Saturday, not panic buying for an emergency. NZ has many natural disasters, we should all be prepared, not panic at the last minute.

It isn't hard to get emergency supplies organised. Each shopping day buy a couple of items until you have a kit that will get you through for a few days. Just the basics, water, tea, coffee, cans and can opener, packets, sachets, dehydrated, powdered milk, a small pot or pan to cook with, small camp stove and gas bottle, plastic plates and cutlery, candles and matches, torch and batteries, first aid kit, phone and charger, toiletries, clothing, shoes, blankets, pet supplies, stored in water tight plastic containers in the garage near your car, or indoors, ready to be grabbed quickly. Rotate food periodically to keep it in date. Frozens: Have bread, milk, margarine, meat. Share the gathering of emergency supplies with family, friends and neighbours. You get some things, they get others. Share the burden.

Don't blame your local supermarket if they run out, be prepared. Don't expect others to sort you out.
S Gussey, Omokoroa.


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