City hall is fit for purpose

The critics are quite correct that the existing council administration building is perfectly useable.

Mayor Greg Brownless' response to criticism is basically regurgitating the propaganda and flawed assessments that already abound.

The Tauranga public were to a large degree excluded from the consultation process and according to most recent polls, about 78 per cent oppose the concept.

It is strange that the new council refuses to revisit the inane civic centre project and overturn the previous council options arrived at with such indecent haste just prior to 2016 Local Body Elections.

Proper consideration has never been given to the “do up option” which by all accounts could be achieved spending about $5 million on what is a sound, solid and fit-for-purpose building. The new council and mayor must see the fiscal madness of proceeding with lease proposals and the pitfalls and incorrect figures have already been highlighted by those looking behind the charade.

Does the Project Steering Group still exist or been reconvened with new councillors added? If so then at least two independent TCC ratepayer representatives need to be added to balance the ledger.

The public comments on TCC's penchant to commit massive funds are absolutely damning mainly because there has been no adequate, meaningful or proper consultation with Tauranga people.

R.Paterson, Matapihi.


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