Random rubbish dumping

Lately there has been significant media news regarding random rubbish dumping by locals and visitors. So imagine our shock when we called into our favourite rest area, southbound on SH33 approximately 20 minutes north of Rotorua. This was a beautiful rural lay-by, complete with semi-pet roosters, and there were always other travellers using it. But on Sunday, July 16 we could not help but notice the concrete rubble that had been dumped in the lay-by. By my calculations, in excess of 50 truckloads, with a minimum of 5m3 per truck load, with reinforcing steel jutting out of some concrete. Over 50 per cent of the lay-by was covered with this concrete. This had only been put there in the last six weeks. If I was building a house and left the exposed ends of concrete unprotected, I probably would have health and safety chasing me. But obviously different rules apply to different people. The sheer volume of this concrete (over 400 tonnes), means that it had to be dumped there with the consent of the local authority. What an eyesore, plainly visible from the highway, in an area of the country that is supposedly proud of its green and clean image.

D Taylor, Katikati.


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