TCC annual king hits

Last Tuesday's bombshell was that Baywave will shut down forthwith for urgent seismic remedial/strengthening work – facilities only built in 2004. Well Baywave was all fine and dandy Monday night, with no inkling of any imminent closure.

Does anyone yet have the final report for the knee-jerking or arrangements made with preferred contractors? Are all earthquake issues identified and what is the likely cost of this unholy mess? Is the building itself suspect or also the motors and pumps installations? Remember this is really bog- standard warehouse-type shell construction.

It demonstrates a horrible track record with the Civic Centre, a basically sound building, getting the wrecking ball treatment and $40 million wasted, and Mount Hot Pools' ongoing refurbishments (worse shape than 2011) – $6 million down the gurgler and counting.

And don't ever forget the ‘albatross around the neck', special basket case ‘Baypark Stadium' with quality of build and materials meaning a life expectation of only 20 years looming fast in 2019 so another $3 million on the line.

Tauranga ratepayers: are you groggy yet because you have been sucker-punched and the coup de grace TKO will be delivered basically because you elected some ‘geniuses' in 2016. I hope the sinking fund and all depreciation schedules are up to scratch. Good luck with that.

S Paterson, Mount Maunganui.

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@ S Paterson............

Posted on 16-09-2017 19:18 | By groutby

In (brief) reply (paragraph at a time) :1) Correct, all was "fine and dandy"..2) You can bet not! damn' idea really apart from "adventurous" (financially) ideas from "referred suppliers" to fix what no-one know needed fixing...3) Yes, disastrous....4) If 20yrs is the time frame for such poor quality building as expected by TCC, then yes......5) You bet we are!.........Unbelievable!

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