No advantage in new delivery vehicles

Re ‘New, nimble vehicles delivering mail' (page 29, The Weekend Sun, September 1).

These vehicles are not that easy to navigate to some post boxes, meaning the poor postie has to get out and walk to many post boxes, as they cannot drive past like they do with their bikes. They are much slower than the bikes, meaning the posties are out there much longer than previously needed to deliver their mail. On their bikes, some of them are amazing, riding past a box and deftly popping the mail into the mail slot, without even stopping! Only advantage I can see, is they have all their mail to be delivered in the back storage section, but at the end of the day, this is one time I don't think the ‘upgrade' is worthwhile. They are also not rain-proof, which is no advantage. 

C Volschenk, Papamoa Beach.


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