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As a long-term resident, ratepayer and community advocate I am aggrieved and somewhat angry that a resident neighbouring Moa Park has the cheek to complain that a fitness group to which I belong is inconveniencing them and that we are too noisy. Our session start at 9.05am.

If you purchase a property adjoining a park you must appreciate it is for general public use and there will be occasions when users may disrupt your peace. Ratepayers fund and maintain local parks and reserves and are entitled to reasonable use of the facilities.

Council has threatened/bullied our personal trainer with the threat of legal action if they receive additional complaints, which given the nature of the complaint-maker is inevitable. That I choose to engage a trainer and use Moa Park close to my home is entirely appropriate. Council may well have to consider legal action against all who attend as it can be argued that we employ the trainer.

There is a bigger picture in this debate. This weekend, and on many others, Mount residents have been seriously inconvenienced with large events shutting local streets down. These events are escalating in numbers. Unlike the Moa Park resident I am not complaining as I see it as adding vibrancy to the community, but I do question how many is enough?

M O'Neill, Mount Maunganui.


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