Grand musical gestures – Part 2

Grand musical gestures. Why not? There's always room to plunge relentlessly over the top.Continuing last week's theme – check out the Music section at – I'm still buried in the music of artists who have way... Read More

Mazengarb returns to share talent

Tauranga-born musician Mark Mazengarb moved to America to chase his dream, and now he's seen his name in lights he's returning to his hometown to share his talent.All the way from the United States, the guitar virtuoso will perform at the... Read More

Grand musical gestures -Part 1

I've always been a bit of a sucker for Grand Musical Gestures.By Grand Musical Gestures I mean those moments when artists, inspired by either an excess of creative juices or conceivably just a drug-fuelled belief in their own brilliance, plunge... Read More

Taking a look back at Easter

Laura Collins Back Porch Blues Band.Do we need to talk about the Jazz Festival? I think so. After all, I spotted many thousands of people enjoying the vibe downtown and word I hear from the many concerts that I was unable to attend is that they were fantastic.... Read More

More eggciting Easter music

Dammit Jim, I'm a columnist not a meteorologist!This is proving eminently true after I happily predicted fine weather for Easter last week. Now, a little closer to the event, there looks like a distinct likelihood of sogginess. Fingers crossed.I... Read More

Downtown Easter

Another week, and another wet one in the Bay – Jazz Festival organisers must be pleased.I'm just guessing there, of course. That's going on my theory that if so much water is pouring from the sky right now, then there can't possibly... Read More

Take the last train to ‘Goneville’

Greetings from somewhere underwater out back of Te Puna.So much for a clear run through till Easter. And it was Easter that I'd promised to write about this week, a guide to all the street entertainment that will be coming your way in a mere couple... Read More

Shed, quarry, beach: concerts everywhere

Easter. It's coming up fast. Jazz Fest ‘n' all. This column isn't about that.No. Next week I'll have a comprehensive look at the downtown section of the Jazz Festival but for now I wanted to let you know about a last-minute... Read More

Bonnie and Blind Boy – no complaints

There is one complaint I hear more frequently than all others.About music that is. If we threw it open to any sort of complaint I wouldn't know where to start. But the musical complaints are relatively predictable and unchanging.There are complaints... Read More

Busy weekends planned in the Bay

Organisers of recent festivals must be breathing a sigh of relief. No rain. That's top of the wish-list for any festival organiser. All of the bands turning up on time is highly desirable but you can work around that. But at an outdoor festival... Read More

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