Musical allsorts – take your pick

I must confess that I like these columns to be ordered and tidy; it's long been a failing, but there you go. On the other hand, learning to embrace chaos is an essential element in appreciating music, with most music relying on a judicious mix of... Read More

The blues after a long weekend

Can we make every weekend a long weekend from now on? Four days' work, three days off is just about right for me. Actually, six-and-a-half days off and a little light labouring on Wednesday afternoons would be better, but having that extra day... Read More

Don’t bypass Katikati music

Let's talk about Katikati; there's more to it than avocados. I like Katikati a lot and I was reminded of that a couple of weeks ago at the Katikati Avocado Food & Wine Festival. And while I can't help noting the Katikati Avocado Expo... Read More

There’s music for every occasion

Everything seems to be running a little behind at the moment, and this column is no exception. Due to the unpredictable vicissitudes of life I missed my annual round-up of weird Christmas presents. There, I told you I was running behind: I'm still... Read More

Another busy, busy weekend!

Only 229 days to go until National Poetry Day! Yep, now we've stopped counting the days to Christmas we need a new countdown – and I've picked National Poetry Day. Why not? Sadly, as a helpful reader pointed out in a Letter to The Editor... Read More

The 2016 music honour roll

It seems like 2016 was a rotten year for musicians, in terms of not surviving it. That may or may not be true. There seems to be universal disagreement as to whether last year was worse than usual or whether due to our over-abundance of interconnectedness... Read More

A little whine and a cocktail

I was having a bit of a whine about modern music the other day when I was berated by someone younger. So I pulled myself together. Had sort of an epiphany. ‘Damnit' I thought, I've become that guy. You know the one, the curmudgeonly... Read More

Winston’s Person of the Year

Unlike ‘Time' magazine I don't usually pick a person of the year. But why not? Let's break with tradition. The only requirement was someone local, someone from the music world. How about Elijah Taula from Ah Jeez, who took out... Read More

Get the blues – on CD while you can

Time for the last album review of the year, one final CD in a year of fewer Tauranga CDs than any this millennium. I must say, I've come to regard pretty much any CD release as an historical moment these days, a defiant cannon shot over a lost... Read More

More Music for Christmas

Okay. Part 2 of 3. Local music for Christmas presents. That's what I started last week and there are three albums to go, all of which happen to be blues-related. Perhaps that says something about the Tauranga music scene? We'll look at two... Read More

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