Bonnie and Blind Boy – no complaints

There is one complaint I hear more frequently than all others.About music that is. If we threw it open to any sort of complaint I wouldn't know where to start. But the musical complaints are relatively predictable and unchanging.There are complaints... Read More

Busy weekends planned in the Bay

Organisers of recent festivals must be breathing a sigh of relief. No rain. That's top of the wish-list for any festival organiser. All of the bands turning up on time is highly desirable but you can work around that. But at an outdoor festival... Read More

Talking about Bruce

We need to talk about Bruce. I was in Auckland last Friday night for Bruce Springsteen's second New Zealand concert, the final show of the tour, and writing this I'm still buzzing from the incredible energy he puts out.If you haven't... Read More

Fine weather and festivals

I imagine a long, lush, late-February and a March filled with glorious sunshine. That's what we deserve, what really should happen after a January and February when the weather stuttered like a damp bonfire but failed to really ignite. It would... Read More

Folk and figs? It’s time for a festival!

Last year I managed to offend the organisers of the Folk Under The Figs festival and I'd like to take this chance to offer an apology. At the time, I was trying to use the word ‘amateur' as a compliment, much as one of my heroes, Orson... Read More

Musical allsorts – take your pick

I must confess that I like these columns to be ordered and tidy; it's long been a failing, but there you go. On the other hand, learning to embrace chaos is an essential element in appreciating music, with most music relying on a judicious mix of... Read More

The blues after a long weekend

Can we make every weekend a long weekend from now on? Four days' work, three days off is just about right for me. Actually, six-and-a-half days off and a little light labouring on Wednesday afternoons would be better, but having that extra day... Read More

Don’t bypass Katikati music

Let's talk about Katikati; there's more to it than avocados. I like Katikati a lot and I was reminded of that a couple of weeks ago at the Katikati Avocado Food & Wine Festival. And while I can't help noting the Katikati Avocado Expo... Read More

There’s music for every occasion

Everything seems to be running a little behind at the moment, and this column is no exception. Due to the unpredictable vicissitudes of life I missed my annual round-up of weird Christmas presents. There, I told you I was running behind: I'm still... Read More

Another busy, busy weekend!

Only 229 days to go until National Poetry Day! Yep, now we've stopped counting the days to Christmas we need a new countdown – and I've picked National Poetry Day. Why not? Sadly, as a helpful reader pointed out in a Letter to The Editor... Read More

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