Thrashing some new sounds at the Mount

It must be winter – people are releasing albums.That does often seem to be the way here. Gigs dry up a bit after summer so everyone hits the studio. Or perhaps it's a complete coincidence. Whatever the cause I happen to have received albums... Read More

Gigs, past and future

Sometimes there's just too much to fit in.There are upcoming gigs to plug, past gigs to recall, and then albums for review started arriving out of the blue last week. So much music, so little time.Or, as Ritchie Pickett used to say “So many... Read More

Celebrating Ritchie Pickett

The first person I ever wrote about for a Tauranga newspaper was Ritchie Pickett.I was pretty excited and even arranged for a friend to draw a caricature of Ritchie to accompany the article. I don't remember exactly when it was and have no form... Read More

Graham Clark (another slight return...)

I thought that after he moved to Hawke's Bay last year I'd stop writing about Graham Clark. Yeah right.Graham is probably the person who has cropped up most in this column over the past couple of years. That's because he does a lot of... Read More

Growth leaves venues behind

Tauranga is – as few can fail to notice – a rapidly growing city. And with growth comes growing pains.As has been noted by far more irritated people than me, traffic is becoming an issue. It's hard to imagine it not getting a lot worse.... Read More

It’s all about having a good venue

I was in Auckland last weekend for Sun Kil Moon at The Tuning Fork. It was a great gig.First things first, since it's an obscure band. They're named after a Korean boxer, Sung-Kil Moon. Essentially the group is songwriter Mark Kozelek's... Read More

From Twin Peaks to the blues

I used to assume, because it seemed rather obvious, that time ran in a linear manner. Now I'm not so sure.The more I stumble through life, the more time seems circular, with new experiences just the same old things coming round in different disguise.... Read More

French music in English – mais oui

France has been in the news recently.Not only have they had an election that thankfully rejected their very own far-right Trumpian populist but for a while they really seemed to have it in for various All Blacks, having the temerity to arrest them for... Read More

Two gigs – take your pick

I've got two gigs for you this time. They're both next week and, wouldn't you know it, they're on the same day.  Having said that, they're so different I can't really imagine anyone wanting to do both, unless your... Read More

Grand musical gestures – Part 2

Grand musical gestures. Why not? There's always room to plunge relentlessly over the top.Continuing last week's theme – check out the Music section at – I'm still buried in the music of artists who have way... Read More

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The Sun going down over the water @ Sulphur Point. Photo: Casey Fredericks.

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