Judge not lest you be judged

‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone'. This good advice could be applied to our politicians. The co-leader of the Green Party, Metiria Turei, has admitted benefit fraud and is prepared to pay back what she wrongly claimed. The... Read More

Definition of courage

‘Dear Ms Fitzsimons. By your apparent defining of courage, in support of Metiria Turei's admission, there are many of the population who would win the Victoria Cross were they to declare publicly the number of times they had driven drunk.'  B... Read More

Random rubbish dumping

Lately there has been significant media news regarding random rubbish dumping by locals and visitors. So imagine our shock when we called into our favourite rest area, southbound on SH33 approximately 20 minutes north of Rotorua. This was a beautiful... Read More

A plan for reducing pollution levels

Doctor Jan Wright said our pollution levels are rising when we are supposed to get the levels down as the National government signed the Paris Agreement on climate change. Why is it then that the National government is not doing anything about it? Why,... Read More

Attack on equality of citizenship

Chris Finlayson, Minister of Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, is about to grant the first customary marine title to Hawke's Bay iwi Ngati Pahauwera. The first of many applications for Hawke's Bay alone that he has invited and given many thousands... Read More

Oud plyer would be a bonus

So good to see that someone's doing something positive about the refugee crisis (Doing our bit, The Weekend Sun, page 8, July 28). I am relieved. I must confess to ulterior motives when declaring my willingness to have Syrian refugees resettle in... Read More

A museum, warp drive mode?

The frenetic activity currently being whipped up about this has been accumulating over many years, despite clear messages from past councils/TCC ratepayers. Councillors resolved that it should be 'community funded' i.e. not TCC ratepayers... Read More

Political know-how

So Lou Te Keeti of Tauranga becomes a political savant worthy of note for having the ability to purchase a raffle ticket.  B Johnson, Omokoroa Read More

Grateful to honest citizen

To the person who found my wallet on Wednesday, July 26, probably in the vicinity of the Tauranga courthouse, thank you so much for your honesty and taking my wallet to the Tauranga police station. I tried to find out if I could leave a reward for you,... Read More

Rampant spending the new norm

I am fascinated. Our city is up to its neck in debt, with serious issues facing us, and we have a bunch of politicians assuring us that we need a museum. We know how often they get things right, with nary an apology when it all goes wrong. But hey, what's... Read More

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A great ’reflection’ of the wet day at Harbourside finals on Saturday. Photo: Tierre Thompson.

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