A confession

After reading Jim Bunny's comment ‘Why pay when you can pick?' regarding a matron helping herself to hydrangeas by The Strand, (The Weekend Sun, December 8) I thought I had better ‘fess up. Four years ago our first great-granddaughter... Read More

New Matapihi road layout

Well done those engineers who designed the new layout of SH29, constructed at glacial speed across Matapihi Peninsula. Recent extension of the median barrier from the top of the peninsula south to the Maungatapu Bridge means that in the event... Read More

Tauranga transport travesties

Criticism of a proposed rates increase of around 14 per cent claimed to meet so-called burgeoning growth etc. is caused by big spending on unnecessary ‘nice-to-haves' and neglecting infrastructure. Debt and rates never lie, so elected members... Read More

Representation, not handouts

The reasons given by Mike Lally (The Weekend Sun, December 1) for voting against Maori electoral wards for the Western Bay council do not seem to be based on hard evidence. The only hard evidence we have is that nationwide the percentage of Maori councillors... Read More

Who want a museum?

I raise this question as Tauranga City councillors barge ahead, without asking us, if we are agreeable to paying between $100-120 million for a museum. They say they asked 100 people! We number 100,000 who will have to pay the cost. There are far more... Read More

Investigating investigations

Council/ratepayers have now spent/wasted something like $2 million on numerous museum 'investigations'. They are now investigating investigations. A majority of ratepayers, the silent majority, don't want a ratepayer-funded museum.... Read More

Needs vs. wants

Something drastic has to be done about rates. Why should a house worth a million be rated higher than a house at $500,000? Surely how many people use the services is what counts. A $500,000 house could have six people flushing toilets etc. while the million... Read More

Bad decisions affect us all

In general, our elected members of local councils do a good job but when they make a bad decision it really affects us all. The regional council made the decision to start charging for school buses and traffic chaos during school terms followed. Reversing... Read More

Do we thank them enough?

Having entered the final quarter of one's life provides time for reflection. Over the past 22 years we have said goodbye to all four of our parents/grandparents. Each in turn had their need for care in their final days. Now I'm not the world's... Read More

Media coverage at last

The average lethargic Kiwi should be grateful to Sir Bill Gallagher and for his speech to the Waikato institute of Directors as reported in the press. A little research can quickly verify his claims. At last the media has seen fit to publish his claims;... Read More

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