Robin Hood rating plans

Perhaps this hypocrisy should be called rating rorts, because it never formed part of any elected member's 2016 election platform for obvious reasons. Community and Culture Committee councillors are delusional in thinking dealing to the ‘rich'... Read More

How much seating is enough?

I have walked the Mount main street from Pacific Ave to Salisbury Ave, both ways.The street is lined each side with stately palm trees, numerous evergreen trees and a Norfolk pine each end and centre. Colourful garden plantings at the roundabouts and... Read More

The ‘chuck it’ place

Tauranga is becoming a “chuck it” place. Apart from the paper rubbish, the level of plastic being left around our streets is alarming. As we are being told, all these bits, big or small, eventually end up in the storm water system and thence... Read More

The public need to know

If the purpose of the media is to keep the public informed of current national and international news then New Zealand media falls well short of its obligations. News is not just the reportage of conflicts and calamities that afflict the world but of... Read More

Business legal?

There's at least one bus wandering around Tauranga with huge artwork on its backside showing a couple of local MPs. I thought such promotion, according to NZ law, was only permitted during the two months leading up to a General Election?April has... Read More

Don’t toy with Darraghs Rd reserve

Re: Tauranga city Council's decision to keep the reserve status on Darraghs Rd reserve.What gives with this land? Plunket has been operating there since 1969 and for better or worse council resolved in 2015 to revoke the reserve designation and... Read More

Speak up Papamoa East!

I encourage all Papamoa residents and ratepayers to send in a submission to Tauranga City Council urgently as well as speak up loudly as your council may have a further hidden agenda as it did in the late-1990s with the Gordon Spratt Reserve lands.At... Read More

The RMA is restrictive enough anyway

Sun readers be aware of radical changes to the Resource management Act now in committee stage in Parliament.  There have been changes to the Amendment Bill to the Resource Management Act, which were instigated after the opportunity for submissions... Read More

We must keep up the pressure!

As a lifetime resident of Katikati, I'm as excited as anyone to hear the bypass is back on the agenda. But we must keep up the pressure. The street parties and photo opportunities are all very well, but let's wait for reality. Yeah right!The... Read More

A fantastic service

Re: Tauranga City councillor Larry Baldock's use of a notice of motion to suggest council rates notices and water bills be used to poll residents on issues, passed with the majority of councillors agreeing to try additional avenues of communication... Read More

Opinion Poll

Do you want to see mandatory country of origin labelling for all fruit and vegetables sold in NZ?

I thought this mandatory country of origin labelling was already in place in NZ.
Don’t care

Bay Today

Beauty after the storm. Photo: Tracy Hardy. Send us your photos from around the Bay of Plenty.