Bridge may become ‘iconic’

So the proposed iconic – a word more often used historically – Wairoa river cycle bridge has been canned because of a cost blowout to an iconic estimate of over $12 million. What started off as a brief of under $3 million to engineers to submit... Read More

Forced learning 'smacks of fascism'

While I Brougham may not be 100 per cent correct in his assessment of te reo (The Weekend Sun, September 22) he has a point. Te reo is only a treasure to Maori and the odd trendy lefty European. If anyone wants to learn the language or want their children... Read More

Working the oracle

Winston Peters/NZ First timeframes and refusal to talk to media regarding negotiations with other political parties, along with an October 12 decision date is not unreasonable. However, simply stalling for time on the special votes final count is ludicrous... Read More

More syllables than English

I've been staying out of the te reo ‘debate' – such as it is – it's not very informative either way. But I had to say something after reading B Johnson's criteria for language quality ‘te reo contains 18... Read More

Three-bin system a good one

Well said, Pastor Bruce Adams (page 3, The Weekend Sun, September 22). As a relative newcomer to Tauranga, I am appalled at the refuse removal systems here. I now live on a small road in Bethlehem and have counted no less than seven trucks... Read More

Australian-owned banks saying 'get lost'

For the Australian-owned banks who say the charge for using other ATMs in New Zealand is too complicated to change, just be aware that they want as much of your money as is possible. What they are really saying is ‘Get lost, you are all just hopeless... Read More

Rate relief needed

Regarding the proposed Wairoa Bridge. Over-burdened and struggling Western Bay ratepayers can breathe a sigh of relief that practical economics and engineering practice has achieved what common sense originally could not. A few weeks ago the... Read More

Te reo, a treasure?

In The Weekend Sun, September 29, P Dey gives an undefined opinion that te reo is a beautiful treasure and one must learn it to be able to comment. He would doubtless agree with the Maori leader who recently stated, "It's our language and we can... Read More

Animal Farm

All animals are equal but some are more equal than others! Our largest company, Fonterra, is an international company when it suits it. Despite being the world's most efficient dairy company (so we are told) it charges us Kiwis international prices... Read More

Car carriers blocking lanes

Almost weekly driving a bus down Hewletts Rd bus lanes in the rush hour you encounter an unloading car carrier blocking the lane. It happens outside several of the large franchises selling cars. I asked one unloading driver why he caused this annoyance/blockage... Read More

Opinion Poll

Are you happy with a Labour/NZ First/Green coalition?

Yes, it’s good news for the country.
No, New Zealand is screwed.
Will have to wait and see what happens.

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Delta Aarsen aged 4 with her calf Princess Poppy. Great effort at todays Calf club.

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