It is a problem of the young

When I left school in the 1950s, I paid one shilling and sixpence in the Social security Tax. Former New Zealand politician Arnold Nordmeyer put that into the Consolidated Fund and we are still paying it. People are living, working and contributing longer,... Read More

Uniquely unfair for innocent Kiwis

Prime Minister Bill English must have a political death wish with his proposal to extend the New Zealand Superannuation age to 67 by 2037.  It's certainly the correct approach based on increased longevity and affordability but why raise the... Read More

Express some gratitude to the ratepayers

Re: The Life+Style article ‘Paula's passion' (The Weekend Sun, March 3).Paula Gaelic cited that ‘the lack of support from our council' made the task of establishing the Katikati Heritage Museum - now Western Bay Museum -... Read More

We need a city-wide referendum!

Re: ‘The building is perfectly useable' by Ken Evans and Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownlee's response (The Weekend Sun, March 10). A man walked up to me today and said: ‘Congratulations on exposing the Tauranga City Council plans to... Read More

Barking up the wrong tree

Labour Party deputy leader Jacinda Adern strongly believes that half of the team in her party have to be female. Helen Clark was also of that opinion, well she got that wrong in the United Nations. They went for the best candidate, who just happened to... Read More

Up the super age now!

The Prime Minister Bill English's announcement that he will seek a mandate at the General Election to up the age of eligibility to 67 to receive superannuation is a no-brainer. If you ask me he doesn't even need to seek mandate for it –... Read More

Fines don’t solve problems

Re: ‘No carseats – no kids' (The Weekend Sun, March 3). K Morland, fines are a complete waste of time. There's millions of dollars owed to Government departments in unpaid fines. Some ignoramus' collect them like other people... Read More

The building is perfectly usable

Why is Tauranga City Council going to smash down our perfectly usable administration building? I believe it happened like this. Tauranga City Council staff did not replace the window seals in the administration building and it leaked. They then told the... Read More

Clean up our own backyard

The Japanese kill whales in the name of science. The Spanish kill bulls in the name of entertainment. And we are outraged. Last weekend a group of Auckland fishermen slaughter a beautiful 466kg monster blue marlin they pulled from the deep off Muriwai... Read More

Who is hoaxing who?

Re: ‘The tide is turning – people are waking up' (The weekend Sun, February 24). I was tempted to ignore R Smith but couldn't. Youtube reports the video he mentions is unavailable. Ask Youtube why. I couldn't let his phrase... Read More

Opinion Poll

Should schools change their policy to appease one student?

Yes, students have a right to stand up for what they believe in.
No, the student, and parents, agrees to the policy when they decide to go to that school.

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