Waterfront museum

The ‘I wanna museum but I want someone else to pay for it (ratepayers) brigade' are bleating once again. They know that if they fail 30 times they only have to succeed once. The failed waterfront museum project was budgeted at $21 million... Read More

Ram raids and recidivists

Apparently around 600 dairies plus liquor stores and petrol stations are at serious risk from physical attack by violent thugs and the Government proposes to provide $1.8m to protect them. How pray tell will that happen?The dairy owners are entitled to... Read More

The audacity of Josephine Franks

Just who does Josephine Franks think she is? A Pom, living in New Zealand for just four months, and there she is, bold as brass, up on the Stuff website lampooning GodZone – what temerity. The Brit complained she had come 18,000km to escape Ed Sheeran.... Read More

Put topics into perspective

I constantly read and see - particularly on TV - where an opposition MP, or any MP for that matter, is allowed to criticise a statement or policy without the interviewer asking them what they would do about the issue and where the money should come from... Read More

Race-based funding?

A fund of $4 million has just been launched to assist young Maori to get their driver's licence so that they are better able to get work or keep out of jail. Many young people cannot stump up the three-tiered cost of $338.20 to get their licence.... Read More

Time to reign in haka

Why did the rugby union ask 40,000 patrons to stand and remain silent for one minute and then allow the Blues rugby team to perform a haka in front of the visiting Lions which included the image of throat cutting? Had they not heard that many of the victims... Read More

Oh, what a knight!

Sir John Key for services to New Zealand: 15 per cent GST; 29 dead miners (bodies not recovered); 40,000 homeless; wages that have not kept up with the cost of living; home ownership beyond the grasp of most young Kiwis; congested roads with water, sewage... Read More

Govt way off track on emissions targets

I agree with T Fellingham (The Weekend Sun, June 2) that it is ridiculous for New Zealand to be owing billions of dollars under the Paris Climate Accord. However, the reason is clear: as a rather slow ‘fast-follower' our government is simply... Read More

Not all terrorists immigrants

Most of us will be horrified at the horrendous and barbaric terrorist attacks carried out in England recently. In the latest, people were stabbed multiple times and some even had their throats cut. Vehicles and concealed knives are now the preferred killing... Read More

Ironic bridge ahead

Cr Steve Morris (The Weekend Sun, page 14, May 26) pointed out the escalating costs of the cycle bridge yet to be built over the Wairoa River.  I think he made a mistake in questioning that it would be iconic. Surely everyone must have meant that... Read More

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Early morning lift-off for Humpty Dumpty at Memorial Park. Photo: Lynly Whitaker.

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