Education’s failure

Those who have a cynical regard for Manu Paul's promise that Maori will look after the foreshore, beaches and their fauna and flora should consider the over-representation of Maori for exceeding the fishing quotas as shown on ‘Coastwatch'... Read More

Spend it on the Mount thanks

An old Mount historian once told me the following. Years Before the Maungatapu Bridge was built the Mount Borough Council made enquiries with the Tauranga City Council to be taken under their wing, subsequently they were deemed “a liability on the... Read More

Seabed rightfully belongs to all of us

Tamati Waka Nene and Sir Apirana Ngata must be turning in their graves to see the shenanigans going on over the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011.The foreshore and seabed rightfully belongs to all of us and to legislate otherwise and then... Read More

Where does respect begin and end?

We called into Pyes Pa Cemetery on May 7 with flowers for my daughter's grave, only to find that some lowlife, scumbag mongrel or mongrelette had not only stolen the last bunch of flowers we left but the bloody flower vase as well. To say I was... Read More

Crippling rent for volunteers?

Re: Bay of Plenty Regional councillor Andrew von Dadelszen's article ‘Port ‘bludging' off the city' (The Weekend Sun, February 24).I suggest the Port also stops charging the United Seafarers Mission $33,000 rental per annum.This... Read More

Support buses

Take a bus to the Home Show at Baypark by calling regional council 0800 884 880 and at First Ave or Rata St. Urge needed change and support our public transport, your yellow Hopper Buses to Baypark.A Smith, Tauranga City. Read More

Sort it out

Wow, at long last the New Zealand Transport Agency has realised the traffic congestion that is being created every morning at Te Puna Station Rd and are closing it temporarily to improve main road traffic flow.Why can't they keep the closure permanent... Read More

No fair share of the cake here

Re: Social equality versus greed in society' (The Weekend Sun, April 28).I think B Johnson is misleading us with his claim that Maori want more than a fair share of the national cake. Maori have received about $3 billion in Treaty settlements for... Read More

Spending for the sake of it

Councillor Steve Morris' column ‘Straight from the city council' (The Weekend Sun, April 28) cannot go unchallenged. And, in fact, I find his column quite troublesome and others may say, disturbing and quite frankly the Mount Ward deserves... Read More

Fresh water debate – where?

What happened to the local debate about the future of the Tauranga fresh water? I understand the future management of our fresh water and waterways was delegated to local government by central government? I also understand there was to be a number of... Read More

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