Attacks on Indian Kiwis shameful – Devoy

The Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy is concerned at attacks suffered by Indian New Zealanders in recent weeks.

Unprovoked attacks caught on film in recent weeks is "shameful" behaviour, she says.

Auckland man Narindervir Singh live streamed an attack on him earlier this week, showing him being yelled and spat at. Watch the video below.

"He's trying to threaten me, he's giving me bad names," Narindervir said in the video, sitting in his car filming a man outside the window.

The man responds with a string of random words in an Indian accent before telling Narindervir "go back to your f***ing own country" and "you Punjabi, f*** you".

Bikramjit Singh filmed a similar encounter at a Papatoetoe storage company, when he was told by a man "Go back to your f*****g country".

When he replied that New Zealand was his country, the man responded "no it's not".

“These unprovoked attacks were caught on camera and we encourage people to film incidents that happen to them: this is an ugly part of our country but one that we need to highlight as much as possible,” says Dame Susan.

“I encourage our politicians and other leaders to stand up for New Zealanders who are under attack.

“This is not who we are and those people who think it's OK to attack other people and that the only New Zealanders are ones that look like them need to grow up and get real.

“We are one of the most ethnically diverse nations on the planet as well as one of the most peaceful: if we want to keep it that way then some of us need to really pull our heads in. This behaviour is shameful,” she says.

“We are witnessing appalling, deadly race attacks overseas and Kiwis need to ask ourselves: is this what we want here? I don't think we do. This is not the New Zealand we want our kids growing up in.”

-Additional reporting from AAP.