Head Hunter sentenced to seven years

A Papamoa Head Hunter has been sentenced to seven years jail on charges ranging from harassment, intimidation and violence.

Dwaine Riley, a 43-year-old from Papamoa, was sentenced by Judge Thomas Ingram after being found guilty by a jury last year on 12 charges including injuring with intent to injure, kidnapping and threatening to kill.

Charges of injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, assault with intent to injure and threatening to kill were representative charges, covering many separate incidents.

According to court documents, the injuring with intent charge relates to Riley's habit since the beginning of 2015 of strangling his former partner on a regular basis, placing one hand around her neck and squeezing her carotid arteries.

The woman later told police she would be unable to breathe and she could feel something happening to her brain. She would get a fainting sensation and Riley would release his grip.

The assault with intent to injure charge relates to Riley placing his hand over her nose and mouth, leaving her unable to breathe. He did it to her four times at her house and she thought she was going to die.

On these occasions, she would be left with marks on her own face from her fingernails as she struggled to loosen Riley's grip.

Riley threatened to kill not only his former partner, but her parents and brother.

Kidnapping relates to an incident on a Friday night in July 2014. Riley said he had no food. She believed him and took some around to his place but refused to enter when asked.

Riley dragged her inside and locked the doors, so she could not escape.

Court documents say he yelled at her, smothered her and said she was disrespecting him and his club (the Headhunters gang).

He lay on top of her with his hand over his mouth until 4am, then ordered her up to the bedroom. All the doors were locked and she was escorted to the toilet.

He let her go at 2.30pm, when she told him her parents would worry if she didn't show for work.

On July 3, 2015 Riley kicked her around the kitchen floor, after he had arrived uninvited the night before. He was wearing sneakers and kicked her around the lower back and ribs.

On July 7 when the woman arrived from Hamilton at 7pm Riley jumped into her car when she stopped at her house. Grabbing her, he threatened to kill her if police showed, and ordered her into the bedroom

When police arrived and shone torches at the doors and windows Riley told her not to move.

She got away at 10am again saying her parents would worry if she didn't show for work.

In addition to the violence there was phone harassment and flowers. Her spam folder had 800 of Riley's texts from one two-week period. Riley sent her three bouquets of flowers in one day and another time, sent her one or two bouquets a day for two weeks.

The text and phone messages continued while he was in Waikeria prison following Riley's arrest on July 9, 2015. He arranged for associates to contact her or for them to deliver flowers.