Welcome Bay supermarket, yes or no

Tauranga City Council is looking to seek to feedback from the community as it considers whether to proceed with the development of a supermarket in Welcome Bay on a Council-owned site. 

At the Community & Culture Committee yesterday, elected members approved that Council commence community engagement to gather feedback on the proposal. 

“The project has been driven by the community's desire for a supermarket, which is why community engagement is vital to help Council make a decision as to whether we should progress any further,” says Councillor and committee chair Terry Molloy. 

Council will engage with the Welcome Bay community to find out whether the development of a supermarket on a council-owned site is supported, and whether the community has a preferred site from the three options available – Waipuna Park, Waitaha Reserve or Owens Park.

All the background information needed for the community to make an informed decision on the three potential sites will be made available during the consultation.

“Engaging with the community does not bind Council to go ahead with the project,” says Terry.

“We want to initiate open communication with the findings being presented back to Council for consideration.”