Man’s lewd act in front of teens

A Papamoa mother makes no bones about what she'd have done to the man who committed a lewd act in front of her daughter.

“If I had of been down there on the beach, he would have lost that part of his anatomy.”

The woman, who's asked SunLive not to name her, has filed a complaint with police after a man masturbated in-front of her 13-year-old daughter and her friend on Monday evening.

She says the teens headed down to the beach for a spot of sunbathing – not realising they'd gone to the nudist section just off Sandhurst Drive in Papamoa Beach.

“My daughter and her friend were sunbathing on the beach when they saw this guy walking towards them naked.

“He said hello, walked past and then sat down really close to them, and just started masturbating in front of them.”

Horrified by his actions, the girls stood up and gathered their things to leave, which elicited a response from the man who asked, “is there a problem?”

“My daughter said they weren't comfortable with what he was doing and they ran home and told me.”

The other girl's parents were also informed of the incident that night.

“I'm absolutely furious, it's bloody disgusting. There was also a lady down on the beach at the time this happened, but we don't know if she saw anything.

“One of the girls took a photo of the guy, which we've passed onto police. I basically want to shame this guy so he never does this to anyone ever again,” says the mother.

The is described as being Caucasian, looked relatively young and is possibly in his 20's, and at the time of the incident was wearing sunglasses.

Under the Crimes Act 1961, any indecent act in any place to which the public have or are permitted to have access, or within view of any such place is liable to face up to two years imprisonment.

SunLive has contacted police for comment and has been told officers are looking into the matter.