Police directed to shoot security dog

A Tauranga to Auckland flight was among 16 domestic and international flights delayed when an aviation security dog escaped is handler at 4am and ran off onto the airfield.

The dog was shot dead at daylight after airport staff spent more than three hours trying to catch the dog.

Tauranga resident Adam Morris, a passenger on the 6am Tauranga-Auckland flight, tweeted about the plane being delayed by the dog being on the runway.

The Tauranga flight took off about 6.30am.

Counties Manakau Inspector Tracy Phillips confirmed that Auckland Airport staff directed police to shoot the AVSEC dog, which was loose at the airport this morning.

“This followed considerable efforts over several hours by AVSEC and airport staff to contain the dog after it was first reported to be loose at 4am.

“Police based at the airport provide a range of support, and were in a supporting role for this incident which was led by airport staff and AVSEC,” says Tracy.

“Our thoughts are with the AVSEC dog handler involved. This is not an outcome which anyone wanted, and police were only asked to be involved as a last resort.”