Drone footage of Omokoroa slip

New video shows just how close one Omokoroa resident was to losing their home completely.

Drone video footage shot by Cameron Avery and commissioned by SunLive shows the extent of a huge slip caused by the heavy rain from Cyclone Debbie's passage over the country last week.

The slip took out a large chunk of a McDonnell Street property and Western Bay of Plenty District Council reserve which it backed onto.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council communications manager Frank Begley says the part of Harbour View Road which was closed to vehicles last week due to the slips will be closed to pedestrians also due to the possibility of further slippage.

He's asking people to stay away from the area until more is known about the danger.

The McDonnell Street/Bramley Drive area in Omokoroa has been affected by slips in the past.

In 2011, a slip estimated at the time by a local to have been about 30 metres high and 200 metres wide came down on Bramley Drive, further up from McDonnell Street, following torrential rain in the area.