Sunspots and the Maunder Minimum Revisited

Weather Eye with John Maunder A sunspot is a relatively dark, sharply defined region on the solar disc - marked by an umbra (dark area) which is 2000 degrees Celsius cooler than the effective photosphere temperature. The average...... Read More

A ticket to the Broncos verses Warriors

Sideline Sid Sports correspondent & historian What do you give a seventy something year old, for his birthday - a ticket to the Broncos verses Warriors NRL premiership match at Suncorp stadium in Brisbane last...... Read More

Let’s get physical (no matter our age)

Active Voice with Rachel Garden Keep on Your Feet Project Leader Twelve months in to the Sport Bay of Plenty’s Keep on your Feet seniors’ initiative and the results speak for themselves: Over 940 people aged over...... Read More

Ten is the new 30!

Vanessa Dodunski from Enable Me When you celebrate a birthday that has a zero at the end of it, people reassure you it’s the new 30! Be it 40, 50 or 60 – they’re all the new 30. But according to Hannah McQueen...... Read More

Cruising into a record season

Kristin Dunne Tourism Bay of Plenty Cruising through Tauranga Harbour and soaking up the breathtaking views towards our majestic Mauao and Pilot Bay on a clear summer’s day is a known highlight for cruise passengers. For...... Read More

More advice from Auntie Roger

Brian Rogers Rogers Rabbits Readers may recall that a few weeks ago The Sun received letters asking for wise and sage advice. More letters have been flowing in ever since (though none yet written on the...... Read More

On regional fuel tax

Todd Muller National MP   On July 1, the government’s Regional Fuel Tax came into effect after Labour put the House into urgency so they could rush it through. The law was passed to allow an additional fuel tax in...... Read More

Free speech isn’t free

Straight from city council A personal view, by Councillor Steve Morris The night Winston Peters announced he’d selected Jacinda Ardern to be the least experienced Prime Minister in New Zealand history, he called capitalism...... Read More

The homeless and home help - I want to help

Jan Tinetti Labour MP Can I ask another favour of you wonderful people here in Tauranga? We had such a great response to our #KnitforJacinda campaign, with the knitted items collected going to babies and children living in the Salvation...... Read More

Affordable Housing Solution

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP It is important to understand that decisions made by those before us can have a ripple effect - the outcome of which can be felt for a long time. Our current housing crisis is one of those situations. The...... Read More

Sportsmanship on display

Active Voice with Buddy Meyer WBOP Primary School Sport Director “Sportmanship is behaviour and attitudes that show respect for the rules of a game and for the other players” Collins English Dictionary. As term two...... Read More

More sports from across the ditch

Sideline Sid Sports correspondent & historian It was only a matter of time before the Sunshine Coast joined the other major Queensland major cities in hosting a national sporting competition franchise. The...... Read More

Government’s Family Package to improve life

Angie Warren-Clark Labour MP You’ll have seen in the recent Budget that New Zealand is doing well. Everyone deserves credit for that, especially the millions of hard-working Kiwis who get up each morning determined to help...... Read More

The right kind of immigration

Clayton Mitchell New Zealand First MP Next to housing, immigration is one of the biggest issues New Zealand faces these days. Immigration is important for our community, for our economy and for our country’s growth. When...... Read More

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