Resveratrol – a natural compound to help age gracefully

John Arts
Abundant Living

You have seen the petrol advertisements offering some special additive to improve your car engine performance. While that may be true we know deep in our cells is a mysterious protein called SIRT1, which acts like better fuel for your car.

These proteins slow the rate of cell ageing by improving the function of our cell engines, our amazing mitochondria. The question is whether there is anything that can stimulate SIRT1, making our cell engines run better for longer? Research shows fasting, reducing calories and exercise all stimulate SIRT1.

Recent research has also shown resveratrol increased the activity of SIRT1. Harvard Medical School Professor David Sinclair says resveratrol binds to SIRT1 to make it run faster, therefore increasing cell life.

David says this is the opposite of most drugs, which actually reduce SIRT1 activity. The researchers also looked at many other compounds and found only resveratrol had this incredible effect.

The exact mechanisms are still under investigation but it appears resveratrol helps our cell engines perform better. Poorly functioning mitochondria produce less energy, produce more free radicals and create accumulated mutations in DNA. In short, this can accelerate the aging process.

If resveratrol stimulates SIRT1 this could be one of the best compounds to add in supplements. To get the best from resveratrol, it should be combined with complimentary compounds that all work together to protect and rejuvenate our cells.

I like to combine high potency resveratrol with grape seed oligomeric proanthocyanidins – known as OPCs – Acai berry extract and alpha lipoic acid to get even better energy responses. Additionally, these compounds are anti-inflammatory, which can really help inflamed joints, muscles and even the inflammation associated with autoimmune problems.

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