How well are you aging?

John Arts
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Can your biological age be less than your actual age? If it is, you will have better than average health for your age. What steps can we take to have health and appearance better than average?

The first is to avoid things proven to speed up the aging process including poor diets, excess alcohol, little exercise and smoking. Secondly, we need to adopt a diet high in a wide variety of plant foods, good quality protein and anti-inflammatory fats.

If you're really concerned about premature aging I recommend an extra supplement that protects cells from free radicals while improving our cell energy processes. Free radicals damage cells, restrict energy and cause premature aging.

In the last two weeks we looked at oligomeric proanthocyanidins – known as OPCs – from grape seeds to protect cells; and resveratrol which can stimulate our in-built SIRT1 gene to protect cells from premature aging. Just adding these two compounds from supplements can have a profound impact on our health especially to improve energy, cardiovascular health and reduce the inflammation central to many health problems.

Another great source of cell protecting antioxidants is the Acai berry native to South America. What makes Acai special is its incredible combination of antioxidants. Grape seeds have OPC, blueberries have anthocyanins and citrus has flavanols. Acai extracts have them all plus other compounds that can help fat metabolism including cholesterol balance.

A great combination is to mix Acai berry 5:1 extracts with resveratrol and pure grape seed OPC extract. Other beneficial compounds are the antioxidants in green tea, goji, ginkgo biloba and pure alpha lipoic acid. These all combine to prevent premature cell aging and improve general health.

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