New Captain and crew needed

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

The Prime Minister has abandoned his post. New Zealand First is the only party that can offer both, stable leadership in government and positive change.

Bill English has already had a national referendum on his leadership and was rejected by the country in 2002, with the largest defeat in blue party history. Key is backing a losing horse in supporting his Finance Minister Bill English to be the next Prime Minister.

NZ First Party leader Winston Peters does not believe the reasons given in Key's announcement to be credible. The actual state of the country is clearly much worse than this blue government has been spinning us for the last eight years.

How does a so-called stable leader spring his departure on the country like this? Has he agreed to take up a lucrative position offshore with one of his much-supported multi-national corporations? All we have is conjecture, and a decided lack of care shown for the emotional and economic state of the country.

Key has expended a lot of political capital trying to take Mt Roskill from Labour, after losing Northland to New Zealand First. He tried to spin it as a ‘safe Labour seat' story, after previously calling it a ‘referendum on Andrew Little's leadership'.

No matter what the reasons, Key is going, and New Zealand is now looking for strong leadership, with a change mandate, and the ability to steady the ship of state. We humbly submit that a leader with a proven track record of consistency, and care for the needs of all New Zealanders, with a commitment to positive change, is ready to lead the country, as he has similarly led the party he founded.

No dead wood will be tolerated, we need a straight-talker unafraid to speak the truth whether it's currently fashionable or popular; and everything done with high expectations of himself and all he works with.

We need Winston. New Zealand needs New Zealand First.


winston for pm?

Posted on 11-12-2016 12:54 | By phoenix

clayton mitchell, You best head to the hospital,as quick as you can. you are obviously suffering a severe case of Verbal Diarrhoea,and need help urgently.

Well done

Posted on 10-12-2016 11:58 | By roseh

Dazed and confused has to be a stong national supporter.And perhaps smoking something as well.Winston did a lot for Tauranga and for people,and what may I ask has Simon Bridges done for Tauranga ?To me he is only there to feather his own nest and get to the top.Then we will be in trouble.National is wonderful if one has a fat bank account,but certainly not interested in the ordinary person.Well done for speaking up Clayton Mitchell

sick of this rubbish

Posted on 09-12-2016 13:50 | By Dazed and Confused

What the Hell are you smoking Mr. Mitchell. Arent you the same Clayton Mitchell who abandoned his post at Tauranga City council?Why do you keep writing this rubbish are you really convinced that the old warhorse Winston is capable of make NZ a better place? You have been in the job 2 years and seem to think your opinion is of some real value to the majority on New Zealanders. Sorry to break the news but no one cares what you have to say.You do nothing but try to degrade the current government that has been voted in by the larger part of the country. The same tactic Winston uses over and over and guess what it didnt work for Him and it wont work for you. I bet you dont get 15 % of the votes Simon will get next tim

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