How much better can I get? Part 3

John Arts
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When speaking with people for the first time many complain of muscle pain, cramps and just general aches and pains. The causes of muscle pain can be everything from joint problems to muscle diseases like Polymyalgia Rheumatica and include muscle problems caused by commonly prescribed statin medications. Our question for those with muscle issues is whether there are things we can do to make things more comfortable?

PMR requires multiple measures alongside medical treatment. I usually add my mitochondrial support supplement that includes CoQ10, B vitamins, alpha lipoic acid and anti-inflammatory antioxidants. We include a mineral complex, antioxidants, extra magnesium and vitamin D. In most cases this aids faster recovery.

A common cause of muscle pain is side effects of commonly-prescribed statin cholesterol-lowering medications. While statins effectively lower cholesterol they also inhibit production of Co enzyme Q10 – known as CoQ10 – which is essential for generating energy.

Muscles need a lot of energy. Anything that reduces CoQ10 can cause muscle fibres to malfunction. Low CoQ10 can also affect the brain, causing memory and mood issues and general fatigue. A well-absorbed CoQ10 at the right doses can really help.

For statin issues I usually use a United States-patented CoQ10 at 200mg for one-two months before reducing to 100mg daily. In most cases this completely eliminates statin-induced muscle problems. Additionally, CoQ10 is a potent fat soluble antioxidant important for protecting heart arteries.

Muscle cramp, especially at night, can be painful and interrupt good sleep. Fortunately in most cases this can be easily remedied with a combination of well-absorbed magnesium and an antioxidant complex to help micro-circulation at night. If your muscles are complaining you should consider targeted nutritional therapy, because in most cases real improvements are possible. Give me a call or email: if you need more information. Join my full weekly newsletter at:

John Arts is a qualified nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health. Contact John on 0800 423 559. To read more go to


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