Celebrating Kiwi achievement must be free

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

Sport is inextricably linked to our national and cultural identity as New Zealanders, and we have a once-in-a-generation chance to let the big money fear mongers know we are standing up to claim our birth right.

We already invest $960 million per annum of taxpayer money into sports and recreation in New Zealand. But when it comes to the pinnacle of sport, we either fork out $1000 a year for a pay-TV subscription, or it's ‘too bad, how sad' and ‘read about it tomorrow'.

At New Zealand First, we have drawn a line in the sand to say enough is enough. If we're going to pay for it at the grassroots, we should have access at the top too.

And we're not alone. Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada already require live and free-to-air access to ‘Games of National Significance' for their citizens, because they know – and can prove – the benefits are priceless.

Participation in sport builds character, develops discipline, fosters teamwork, builds self-confidence, lowers incidence of obesity and other health problems. The list goes on. Don't we want our kids outside and active? Of course we do.

A child with local sporting heroes believes that he or she has the potential to do great things too. The idea that: ‘If I can see it, I can be it' only works if ‘I can see it'.

There are a number of ways this policy can work, and we look forward to getting into the ‘how' once it's in select committee for discussion and public submissions. But today we need to make our voices heard. We want free live sport now!

So write to, call, tweet, post, and door-knock your local MP and let them know this Broadcasting (Games of National Significance) Amendment Bill is something New Zealanders want.


Fair move

Posted on 29-12-2016 13:33 | By charliebrown

If the game or organisation that profits from the game gets any taxpayer funding then of course it should be free to air. I don't see the people against this move also calling for the removal of taxpayer funding to those codes.

Well done.

Posted on 24-12-2016 19:41 | By Icon

Obviously a re-edited version of yesterday's article. However it is positive and refreshing to read. Imagine if all M.P'S regardless of party or leaning approached their job and the trust placed in them with a positive logical attitude. We would rule the World.

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