Going Green the pathway to improved health

Lisa Te Paa
GRx Advisor (Tauranga)
Sport Bay of Plenty

Green Prescription is a support programme for adults who are currently inactive and are unsure how to make lifestyle changes. The goal is to help start them on a journey to improved health and wellbeing through a programme of increased physical activity and nutritional advice.

Should your GP or practice nurse feel this programme is right for you, they will make a referral and contact the Sport Bay of Plenty Green Prescription team, who will arrange a 30-minute consultation for you with a Green Prescription advisor.

Often referrals received by the team are to support and manage patients with lifestyle-related conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity. By increasing physical activity and improving nutrition (both of which have a positive effect on your health), the Green Prescription programme encourages people to manage their own conditions for a better quality of life.

At the consultation, your advisor will discuss physical activity options that would be appropriate for you and offer nutritional guidance. Your Green Prescription advisor will put long-term strategies in place to help you achieve your lifestyle goals and support you every step of the way.

The advisors are also aware of, and can link you to, other community support programmes and have successfully connected people to other Sport BOP programmes. They will discuss with you how you can get involved in regular exercise and, if you are interested, you can register for an exclusive Green Prescription class, which is lead by an advisor or a community group leader.

Following your consultation, you will receive ongoing telephone support from your advisor for six months. The advisor's role is to encourage, motivate and listen to how you have been progressing. They will help you overcome any barriers that have come up, preventing you from achieving your lifestyle goals, and will keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle journey.

Green Prescription teaches you to celebrate the successes on your journey to a healthier lifestyle and to always focus on how far you have come – not how far you have to go.

If you are inactive or have concerns about your health, make sure to talk to your GP or practice nurse – Green Prescription might be right for you!


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