PM’s tough talk time-wasting

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

New Zealanders respect a brave politician, who's willing to make a tough – or even unpopular – call for the greater good. What Kiwis think of someone who is trying to pretend to do so, remains to be seen.

The current Prime Minister is standing on the post-baby boomers, born after 30 June 1972, who have worked hard and paid their taxes, and contributed to Kiwisaver, and are now being told, ‘work longer, because there's not enough in the pot for you.' In the last eight plus years this blue government has not contributed a single shiny penny to the NZ Super Fund. This is lunacy.

The NZ Super Fund currently stands at $30 billion. Had this blue government been contributing like they were supposed to, there would be over $50 billion in there today. The issue now, is not whether we can afford Superannuation in the future, but it's whether this blue government is prepared to behave in a financially responsible manner and ensure that this money will be invested in the Super Fund, to guarantee that Super will be there for Kiwis when they retire.

If the government wants a solution to this problem, they should look at New Zealand First's policy, and stop the nonsense of allowing recently arrived immigrants, who have contributed absolutely nothing in taxes and Kiwisaver, but are entitled to a full pension after only ten years here. This is costing us billions of dollars, and forcing hard-working New Zealanders to foot the bill by working longer to receive less.

The current Prime Minister is trying to talk tough while crystal ball-gazing twenty years into the future, why not unveil a policy on flying cars and underwater cities while he's at it?

New Zealand First policy is: that 65 should remain the age of eligibility for Superannuation; the NZ Super Fund is capable of covering the costs of future retirees as long as the government keeps investing in it; and that 25 years contributing to New Zealand, is required before a pension.

Simple, straightforward and sustainable… now, and in twenty years' time.


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