Finishing the job on the waterfront

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris

After years of only being able to “look at, but not touch” Tauranga's waterfront, we celebrated the official opening of the new tidal stairs and pontoon last Saturday. Around 4000 people enjoyed the autumn sunshine, food stalls and the first annual Tauranga Bomb Competition. The level of enthusiasm for the finished project has been beyond expectations.

Tauranga has an historic connection with its waterfront which is no less important to the connection we enjoy to the beach on the other side of the bridge. ‘Strand' in German means ‘beach' yet over the decades we turned our back on the waterfront; filling it with a carpark and in 2007 the final severing blow - demolishing Coronation Pier. It was supposed to be replaced but ten years later it's obvious something's missing at the bottom of Wharf St!

Last year, I moved that council reduce the budget for Masonic Park upgrades by $2.5m to give us the funding to rebuild Coronation Pier. Now we need to finish the job this term; giving Tauranga back its roots as a coastal town. Keep an eye out for this proposal next year.

This week we listened to public submissions on our 2017/18 budget. I want to thank the 250 people who took the time to write in. It's taken a few days but I've read each one of your submissions and thank you to those who came in to speak to us. We'll be debating changes resulting from your submissions in June.

Photo taken in 1899 of Coronation Pier with a crowd of Tauranga residents coming out to greet Governor Lord Ranfurly. Photo: Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries.

Photo taken last week near the same spot of the crowd at the tidal stairs. Photo: TCC.




Posted on 12-05-2017 18:26 | By Accountable

Will the area be an on going attraction and of course the answer is no. It has already shown that it is not going to be the game changer that was promoted to sell the idea to the gullible public. By all appearances it looked like a roaring success but this was well orchestrated to coincide with the Easter Jazz festival and directly after, the school holidays, and a free promotion with prizes as an incentive to go down and have a look last weekend. Like Hairy MaClairy and the play ground the only use it will get from now on will be from people who forgot that it was there and have by chance stumbled across the area. This is not and never will be the answer to improving the CBD and the four million dollars would have been better spent on improving the parking in the CBD.

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