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Although now based in the USA, Mark Mazengarb was originally from Tauranga. His school friend got a guitar when he was eight years old, so Mark had to have one too. From that moment he was hooked, and he has played ever since. While living in Tauranga, Mark went to see Gerry Bull for some lessons.

Mark Mazengarb.

Mark completed his degree in Classical Guitar at Massey University in Wellington, and then travelled overseas in 2005, where he met Loren Barrigar in 2005 at a Tommy Emmanuel bootcamp, and Mark said a career highlight was being able to go on tour with Tommy in the USA for three weeks.

Mark, and fellow guitar virtuoso Loren, have continued to perform together over the past six years and have played in the USA, Russia, Europe, Canada and New Zealand. Their diverse repertoire draws from many musical influences, including Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass, Americana and many more, and they are well-known for their rhythmic finger-style technique, beautiful renditions of classic melodies, electrifying improvisation and stunning vocal duets. They recorded an album 'One To One‘ in Nashville last year, with backing from some world-class session musicians. They will be performing some of these when they play at Baycourt in Tauranga on May 17from 7.30pm. I heard these two perform together at Mills Reef a couple of years ago, and they were superb. Tauranga, you are in for a treat!



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