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I first saw this talented young woman perform a couple of years ago, and she literally ‘blew me away' when I saw her using a piece of Marley downpiping for a didgeridoo.

She looked like she had a complete orchestra around her with guitar, ukulele, flute, and various percussion instruments. When she sang I was delighted to hear she had a great voice too!

Alice often performs at an open mic/jam night on Thursday nights at the Mount Social Club, where she is joined by many of her talented friends and other performers.

I remember performing there one night, doing a cover of a North American Indian protest song, and she pulled out a flute and breathed a magic instrumental into the song.

I was amazed to see one of her original songs online in a video clip, where she is playing flute underwater while swimming along with a beautiful mermaid tail, her body undulating like a dolphin.

I was fortunate to be present at a birthday party held at No 1 The Strand last year, where she and her brother performed a brilliant set and entertained family and friends.

Come along and see Alice perform at her album release party at the Mount Social Club on Saturday, May 27from 1-4pm.



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