Forward thinking to Tauranga in 2050

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris


Predictions about the future are bound to be wrong; as Robert Frost once said: “The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected”. Nonetheless, I'll venture to predict three key changes I believe the city will experience over the next 30 years.

We're predicted to grow to 190,000 but we're running out of land; what gives?

The city will have to be denser.

It's hard to achieve as there is always resistance to change.

Only if plan changes increase existing residents' property values, create a more pleasant environment and are communicated both well and early will people support change. That's a conversation council needs to have with the community sooner rather than later. Electric vehicles will increase traffic. With the price of both electric cars and solar energy coming down, I wouldn't want to own a petrol station as a long-term investment. We're planning for more bus lanes around the city but I don't think we've considered that as the car fleet moves electric the costs of owning, fuelling and maintaining cars will come down, making it cheaper to travel and increasing traffic. We still need more investment in roads.

The port's future is going to be more reliant on community goodwill than economics.

As our population grows and automation increases the percentage of the city's pay packet that comes from the port reduces and the less tolerant the community will be of the negative impacts of the port. Complaints will be more common about trucks, containers, and dust.

Memories of old Pilot Bay extending toward Matapihi will fade but the community will start demanding more of their waterfront back.



Posted on 25-09-2017 14:58 | By Sollygirl

Agree with your comments but with provisions! Absolutely yes to increased living densities around suburban hubs - Greerton, Bayfair,Otumoetai,Central City, but TCC must SELL (not just talk about) benefits of intensification to the city with the promise of improved streetscapes, better local amenity and excellent public transport, cycling and walking. Electric vehicles, all good too but they take up valuable public space (roads) and users must be prepared to pay the REAL cost of cars on roads. And yes, our love affair with Port of Tauranga will subside as port traffic increases with extra congestion and pollution. PoT is looking to increase freight coming by rail, but needs to do more, possibly marshall all port freight onto rail at locations north and south of Tauranga?

Please listen

Posted on 22-09-2017 11:34 | By Angels

No room nor any need of a museum, to costly to the rate payers

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