Do I need a nutritional supplement? (Part 2)

John Arts
Abundant Living

Most people take B vitamins for stress or energy. While B vitamins don’t reduce stress, they are actively involved in making the energy we need.  

B vitamins are coenzymes and act a little like a spark plug in a car; they ignite combustion to run the engine.

B vitamins are needed to activate enzymes to create the energy we need. Low energy levels can be a sign of insufficient B vitamins.

B vitamins power enzymes to do various tasks, including the processes which remove alcohol. Because alcohol is toxic, the process of breaking down alcohol takes precedence over other uses of B vitamins. Even moderate alcohol consumption can rapidly exhaust the pool of B vitamins that are needed elsewhere.

I take a B complex as is part of my Cell-X multi-formula. I take this to make sure my body has all the B vitamins it needs to create energy.

While important, energy is not the main reason I take B vitamins each day.

The main reason I take B vitamins is to give my body the ability to rapidly break down a dangerous by-product called homocysteine as we break down protein in food. If unchecked, homocysteine acts like a corrosive element to the lining (endothelium) of blood vessels.

High homocysteine damages blood vessels and is linked to cardiovascular disease, including coronary artery damage and strokes. It is also linked to Alzheimer’s, loss of brain function and macular degeneration. High homocysteine can damage any part of our blood vessels and cause or contribute to numerous diseases.

For just a few dollars’ worth of vitamins B6, Folate and B12 your body will rapidly break dangerous homocysteine down to a harmless by-product.

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