For the love of community sport

Active Voice
with Daniel Harrison
Community Sport Team Leader


Sport, in all its forms, is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, physical abilities, and cultural and social backgrounds, and getting more people involved (and for longer) is a top priority for the community sport team.

The reasons why people become involved with sport are varied. They range from having fun and staying fit, to meeting new people and the positive impact it has on mental and physical health.

Whatever the reason, our main objective is to help more people get involved, get active and thoroughly enjoy it along the way for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, to every reason why someone does sport there are a number of reasons why people stop. This is a huge loss for the clubs and organisations in the Bay of Plenty, as well as for the participants themselves and the wider community.

It is our role to support, develop and empower these clubs and organisations in a number of ways, through governance and legislative updates, to improved communication techniques and funding, in order to help them be as successful as possible with regards to overall member satisfaction and retention.

I love sport and what it can do for all people and communities, and I wish to share this passion as I believe we can all gain something from sport which will add long-term value to our lives.

I look forward to meeting people out in the community across the Bay of Plenty and working alongside clubs and organisations, to support them in achieving their goals and aspirations.

If you wish to get in touch, please contact me on


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