Do I need a nutritional supplement? (Part 3)

John Arts
Abundant Living

My multi vitamin/mineral/antioxidant formula has more than 60 ingredients and more than 10 of these are antioxidants to protect cell structures from free radical damage.

Researchers have linked accumulated free radical damage to pretty much every disease.

I have written extensively that free radical damage to our cartilage-secreting cells is the real driver of osteoarthritis.

Free radicals can also damage small LDL cholesterol particles that get trapped in our blood vessel walls starting the process that leads to blocked arteries.

Free radicals can damage the collagen in blood vessels walls.

If left unchecked this makes blood vessels stiffer, increasing blood flow resistance and raising blood pressure.

I have formulated antioxidant supplements for nearly 20 years and there is one antioxidant compound that has a profoundly positive effect on numerous types of body tissue. I am talking about OPC, abbreviation for oligomeric proanthocyanidins.

In nature you will find OPCs mostly in the skins and bark of plants where they protect delicate oils and other plant structures. In foods you find OPC concentrated in things like red wine grape seeds and peanut membranes.  

OPC is excellent for blood vessels as it readily attaches itself to collagen in blood vessel walls. This means OPC can help to protect blood vessels from premature damage, helping circulation, blood pressure and many other cardiovascular problems.

That is why I recommend OPC, at least 200-400mg of naturally-extracted OPC daily, for high blood pressure or other circulatory problems. OPC works best when included with other complementary plant-sourced antioxidants, the antioxidant minerals selenium, copper, zinc and manganese, and vitamins C and E.

Together these vital antioxidants help protect your cells from premature aging and development of disease processes. For more information give me a call or email You can read back issues at 

John Arts is a qualified nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health. Contact John on 0800 423 559. To read more go to


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