Helpful advice for sore joints (Part 2)

John Arts
Abundant Living

I spoke to a client today who had been affected by osteoarthritis in his hips and shoulders. We created a personalised joint health programme that included supplements that can help promote healing in arthritic joints. After speaking with him today he said that he is mostly symptom-free.

The real hero is not so much the dietary changes and supplements, but his body’s incredible healing processes. All disease starts with changes to cell functions. If this is left unchecked it can lead to tissue damage and eventually to disease.

While physical damage to joints can cause arthritis it is important to see it as a real disease and not just wear and tear. Joint cartilage appears as tough, lifeless tissue.

A closer look reveals something quite different.

Cartilage matrix is secreted by specialised living cells called chondrocytes. These cells maintain small pieces of cartilage.

Anything that negatively affects chondrocytes will eventually damage cartilage. Lose enough cartilage and you have osteoarthritis.

Chondrocytes can become damaged by several processes. Firstly, free radicals can cause damage to the point that they cannot function properly. If left unprotected by antioxidants the chondrocytes will die and the piece of cartilage it maintained will eventually be lost.

Secondly, corrosive enzymes called matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) attack the collagen matrix of cartilage, and thirdly, unwanted inflammation can damage chondrocytes.

What we need to do is to protect chondrocytes, reduce inflammation, reduce free-radical activity and reduce MMP activity. What this does is to allow our natural cartilage healing processes to spring to life. The result is less pain and improved mobility.

The answer is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-dense diet.

We then add anti-inflammatory supplements that can help restore joint healing processes.  

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