Help for sore joints (part 3)

John Arts
Abundant Living

Back in 2011, some interesting emerging research suggested traditional osteoarthritis supplements were targeting the wrong ingredient. Most supplements were heavily weighted towards glucosamine sulphate with a smaller amount of chondroitin sulphate (CS).

As a result of this research, I completely reformulated my joint supplement. I did two things. Firstly I increased CS to 380mg per capsule and secondly added a 95 per cent curcumin (turmeric) extract. This gave maintenance dose of 760mg of CS.

Almost immediately, clients reported better results on the new formulation. These results were increased where we added one to two months on a double dose (four capsules daily) which delivered over 1500mg of CS.

Over the last few years there has been more quality research into the benefits of CS - especially with knee osteoarthritis. Just last year a study looked at higher levels of CS at 1200mg daily and compared this with a leading COX-2 selective anti-inflammatory arthritis medication.

The study was over two years and used MRI to establish the benefits. This was a high quality, double-blind placebo controlled trial involving 200 people over
24 months.

It concluded that while both groups had similar improvements in comfort, MRI analysis showed the CS group had much greater reduction in cartilage loss.

This finding was consistent with five other studies looking at the benefits of CS for knee OA.

While most of the studies have been with knee OA, I have found that most joints affected by OA can be helped.

While such studies are useful, it is all about what happens to an individual with osteoarthritis.

This is why I prefer to create a personalised programme which takes many factors like age, weight, medications, diet and exercise into consideration.

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