The future of our growing city

Simon Bridges
National MP

Tauranga is moving ahead in leaps and bounds.

Our city is growing at such a fast rate, we must move with it and continue
to build on and develop what we already know is a great place to live, work, and visit.

The great thing about our city growing is that we can all have our say about what we would like Tauranga to look like in the future.

I encourage people to get in touch with my electorate office about their concerns and views on Tauranga. People can also take part in consultation processes which ultimately help shape our city. Currently, Tauranga City Council is calling for feedback on a range of issues.

One of which is cycling. I'm an avid believer that Tauranga is a great place to cycle, as a form of recreation, commuting to and from work or school, or simply getting from A to B.

We have implemented some great cycle networks here in Tauranga and more people need to get on their bikes and utilise them.

Currently, the council is asking for feedback on proposed cycling routes.

They want to make Tauranga better for people on bikes and are asking people to share their ideas.

Another issue the council is asking for feedback on is Easter Trading.

Last year, the National Government passed a bill which gives individual councils the power to decide whether shops in their town or city should be allowed to open over Easter.

The new law is all about choice.

It ensures that workers who don't want to work on Easter Sunday cannot be forced to – and that they are not penalised for deciding not to. Businesses also cannot be forced to open on Easter Sunday.

An informal survey conducted by Tauranga City Council showed a majority supported increased trading on Easter Sunday.

As a result, Tauranga City Council is recommending the adoption of an Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy that allows all shops across the entire city to trade on Easter Sunday if they wish to. Consultations are open on this and residents can have their say.

I think this is a great way for you to take ownership of the future of Tauranga and encourage you to have your say.



Posted on 25-10-2017 07:42 | By collydogz

And it is being bought to a standstill with all the uncontrolled development and the total waste of ratepayers money being spent on obstacles in the middle of the roads. How many people have seen the roundabout at the intersection of Dickson Rd and Grant Plc. What an absolute total waste of money. That intersection is never overrun with traffic. I wrote to council about it and they told me it was put there to stop speeding. Totally inappropriate. How much would that have cost, $100.000 probably twice that because it has taken so long. Our council seems to be totally incompetent to deal with our traffic problems. I suggested they take the tolls off the toll road to ease problems in Cameron Rd and Greeton but apparently that is going to be used more for cycles. I ask you.

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