Subtle product placement, part one

Brian Rogers
Rogers Rabbits

An astute reader commented this week that she really enjoys the “cheeky and subtle” ways that Rogers occasionally drops a mention of advertisers into the page 2 column.

Well, when I heard that I nearly fell out of my Barry Muir Furniture La-Z-Boy chair. I thought the ‘product placement' efforts in the RR column were so careful, so subliminal, that even those with excellent reading ability thanks to Visionary Eyecare wouldn't have noticed.

It just goes to show that RR readers are smarter than the average bear.

Mind you, a great night's sleep thanks to Beds R Us, regular workouts at The Gym, some treatment at Bay Chiropractic and supplements from John Arts at Abundant Health probably keeps their mind sharp and body agile.

Taking a breather

It wasn't until later that day, while mowing the grass with the Bronco 500E from Otumoetai Mowers and Cycles that the comment really sunk in. I stopped the mower, near the outdoor kitchen from Zones and next to the rocks from Landscape Supplies (under new management) and took a breather under the cooling cover of our Shades Direct canopy to ponder. Or was it the retracting roof by Making Shade? Both excellent additions to a little corner of paradise, almost as refreshing as a tropical getaway that you see at House of Travel.

Or one of those amazing packages we read about to visit Japan with Travelcom… or the free information evenings put on by You Travel. The ones that make you want to rush down to Unique Leather and Luggage, grab a new suitcase or backpack and jump on a Luxury Airport Shuttle to the nearest international airport.

(Unless you live in the beautiful Palm Springs, or Lynley Park, of course in a new Signature or one of those stunning Fowler Homes, you'd never want to leave.)

A confident, healthy smile

It was then the urge struck me for a drink, fortunately I'd stocked up at Thirsty Liquor and Brewer's Paradise, so was able to lax out in the Ford Spa and figure the dilemma.

Soaking in the warmth, it reminded me of a recent trip to the lovely Oropi Hot Pools, which brought a smile, a confident healthy smile, thanks to Tooth Fairy Dental.

So how do we sneak in product placement in The Weekend Sun page 2 column, without it being noticed, to the point that readers start tearing their hair out and need to visit SRS Hair Clinic?

It was just then that the phone rang intermittently, and I could hardly hear the person on the other end, which reminded me, I must call Baytech Office Solutions to sort our phone problems… or maybe I need Michael Coddington at Tauranga Audiology, since it could be my hearing? I could pop in there after my check up with MoleMedic and a bit of youthful restoration at the Skin Centre.

Whatever blows your hair back

The call was from Bay Lifestyles RV Shop letting me know the accessories had arrived for the Fiat mobile newsroom van supplied by Farmer Auto Village, looking resplendent with its furniture from Greenslades and some clever decor help from Nood. Great timing, since we'd planned lunch at Mount Social Club. I'd just have time on the way to slip into Langtons to find something special. For my wife, of course. But whatever blows your hair back, eh? Well, Hair to Train, there's a parting thought. And before you could say ‘Toi Ohomai' it was curtains for this column. (Thanks, Harvey Furnishings).

Hardly an advertiser's name noticeable, yet a highly entertaining read. (It must be, you've read this far.)

Have we left anyone out?

Yes. We have so many happy advertisers getting great results, it's impossible to mention all of them in one go.

A challenge for you

So here's your challenge: Send us a sentence with a subtle, or maybe not so subtle, mention of a few of our advertisers.

We'll put the best together for another enthralling instalment of the ‘Product Placement' series.

The best will win a hamper of goodies… sourced from our advertisers, of course.

Send your sentence to:

And if you're not already an advertiser, we can fix that too!


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