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By Todd Muller

After a long wait, the final result of the 2017 General Election is now known: A Labour/New Zealand First coalition with the Green Party providing Confidence and Supply has emerged.

While this may be disappointing for many Bay of Plenty voters who overwhelmingly voted for a Bill English led National Government, that's MMP. We are fortunate to live in a democracy and must respect the final result.

I wish the new government all the best. Their success is now New Zealand's success.

Although we are now in opposition, the National Party is by far the largest political party in parliament, having secured 44.4 per cent of the vote. We achieved this by presenting a positive vision for New Zealand, building a strong economy, and investing sensibly in social areas that will make a real difference for Kiwi families.

What this means in practice is that we command more votes than the Labour/New Zealand first Government and will use this position to hold the incoming government to account.

This week Bill English was re-elected leader of the National Party to take us through to the 2020 election. I have no doubt he's the man for the job.

Todd Muller, MP for Bay of Plenty


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Posted on 02-11-2017 09:47 | By Abobsworth

Todd more people voted for the present Government than did for National and Act(National subsidary).Bill has had 2 goes and their will be some restlessness to have a new look before the next election I suspect.National need to rebuild their integrity after the election fiasco's.

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