Tapping into healing processes (part 1)

John Arts
Abundant Living

The next generation of medicines will include those that target the body’s healing processes to treat disease. The miracle will not be new drugs. The real miracle are our healing processes that, when working properly, will prevent and heal disease.

My discipline of nutritional medicine is all about stimulating our healing processes to improve health. By way of example, I was contacted by a farmer who was suffering significant stiffness and muscle pain and had battled tiredness.

Some years previous he had a heart attack and had a coronary artery by-pass. This saved his life. His doctors then put him on a number of medicines, including statins, to reduce his cholesterol and lower blood pressure to protect his grafted blood vessels and generally reduce his cardiovascular risk.

While the statin medication lowered his cholesterol, it also caused muscle pain, stiffness and general lethargy. I explained to him that the drug inhibited the enzyme needed to make cholesterol.

The same enzyme, however, is used to make an essential compound called ubiquinone - better known as Co enzyme Q10 (Co Q10).

The main function of CoQ10 is to transport hydrogen within cell mitochondria to make the energy our body needs. Studies show that statin medication can reduce CoQ10 by as much as 50 per cent.

This has the same effect as crimping the fuel line in your car. The car will start and run, but will struggle to create the power needed when the engine is working harder.

All I did was put him on high grade, naturally fermented Co Q10 and within months his energy returned and the muscle pain and stiffness subsided. We made sure his body was able to make energy effectively and his body did the rest.

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