Safe speed

Simon Bridges
National MP

I feel proud when I drive down Tauranga’s Eastern Link at 110km.
It’s such a smooth ride, with little road noise and it feels very safe. This section of motorway is one of the safest in the country and that is why the speed limit was raised. It’s great to have been the Minister of Transport ensuring our best and safest roads go to 110km.  

We are in the thick of peak time on NZ roads as Kiwis drive to holiday destinations and visit family and friends. It’s so good to be able to offer people travelling in our region a modern motorway that meets the best international standards. It also highlights the growth  and prosperity of this region and is in line with  other motorways internationally.

National has led the way with these types of roading initiatives and I hope the new government  continues on our path.

As you are making your plans for New Year’s Eve, I want to wish you safe travels. I am planning to spend some time around the barbecue with my family. I also want to wish you a very happy New Year. I hope 2018 will be your best year so far.



Posted on 07-04-2018 18:30 | By swt3

I have to agree with Avr. It isn’t the roads that are the problem. It is the idiots making them dangerous. I see so many idiotic things while driving to work. The car in front, driver applying makeup, drinking coffee, and worst of all, CELL PHONES. This is a killer in itself. I also believe, its not the speed, again, its the idiots getting so bored with driving, they start getting distracted. And, why should a main flow of traffic stop for no reason on 15th Ave, to let in all the side roads. This is NOT in the road code. And, since when are you allowed to block an intersection with traffic lights, and overtake by riding up the lefthand side of vehicles. Its driver mentality that is the ’KILLER’ on our roads.


Posted on 04-01-2018 12:57 | By collydogz

What about the rest of the terrible roads and huge traffic problems. What a load of BS. How about spending some money on dealing with our huge traffic problems and getting on with it. 15th Ave, Welcome Bay Rd, Pyes Pa, St Highway 29a, Hewletts Rd, Fraser St. Greerton. This city is being bought to a standstill and all the local Govt does is talk and put obstacles in the middle of the roads and stupid roundabouts in places like Dickson Rd. What an incredible waste of money


Posted on 04-01-2018 12:09 | By Anton

Nearly every road is safe, It are the idiots who are making it dangerous.


Posted on 23-12-2017 21:33 | By Merlin

Blah.And as a local person said the route from Bethlehem to Waihi is a National road of shame. By the way I wish you and your family a merry xmas and thank you for the two toll roads Tauranga has.

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