Let's make English count

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

There is a Twitter parody account that makes a mockery out of proposed bills. My proposed Members Bill called the “English an Official Language of New Zealand Bill” did not escape its notice and received a good roast for trying to fix something that does not need fixing.

In 1987, Te Reo Maori was recognised as one of the official languages of New Zealand. In 2006, the same was done for New Zealand Sign Language.

Yet the very language that has been used for everyday speech by the absolute majority of this country’s inhabitants has not been recognised.

A petition was presented to parliament last year with 6,258 signatures asking the English language to be recognised. Wherever I go and whoever I speak to, people agree that there is a need to make English an official language of our country.

We are a young, rapidly growing country. The demographics of New Zealand change on a daily basis, with more and more people coming to New Zealand for a better life from all over the world.

For many, English is not their native tongue.

Our language is what allows us to communicate with each other, do business, make friends, learn and express ourselves.

Our languages are a part of our county’s identity, just like our currency and just like our country’s borders. So why not make it official? Why not come together as a nation and support this bill?


Really Dazed?..

Posted on 13-03-2018 21:21 | By groutby

...4000 odd voted for him?..must have a big family............

dont worry dazed and confused

Posted on 03-03-2018 23:09 | By CC8

Clayton doesn’t think of these things himself, it is just Winnie and co , using their puppets to keep the NZF name in the news. Imagine the self praise if they actually did something!

not a waste of time.

Posted on 03-03-2018 13:55 | By tutae.kuri

I believe that English is the paramount language in New Zealand and needs to be recognised as such.If we do nothing and allow other languages to become dominant then we risk loss of English over a number of generations. Put the rule in now as we may not have the numbers to do so in the future.

What a waste of time and money

Posted on 02-03-2018 09:25 | By Dazed and Confused

This is what happens when you have people who didn’t even win a seat running around screaming that ."We are in Government" "We are in government" Win a seat Clayton then we may listen to you.For god sake man you only got about 4000 odd votes.

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