Bottom-up economy - the focus of this Budget

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

Budget 2018, that was announced in mid-May, has many benefits for all New Zealanders. One of its main focusses is to better support hard working New Zealanders who struggle to support their families without extra support required from the government.

We need to look at the root and stem of the problem, and we need to stop the neo-liberal trickle-down ideology that the previous government favoured. 

Our living wage policy is one good example of the bottom-up economic approach. The introduction of the living wage over the next four years will see more people being able to fully support themselves and their families without the need of government handouts. 

Business owners should not fear the proposed increase, because along with the living wage, a tax package for businesses will be introduced to enable those businesses to maintain profitability. 

With better wages, we need to support business growth and productivity, which is why Budget 2018 announced a $1 billion injection into research and development by way of tax credits.

This government is committed to finding the right balance between workers and industries to ensure New Zealand grows sustainably and remains socially responsible.

Balancing the bottom-up budget is about looking after social, economic and environmental pillars. This policy is a good example of how this government is going to achieve that balance.


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