Spelling out bad news for the hard working public

Todd Muller
National MP

Businesses are worried about Labour’s plans to wind back the clock on industrial relations and pit employers against employees, and quite rightly so.

These planned reforms will mean fewer jobs for New Zealanders and less competitive businesses – both of which spell bad news for hard working families trying to get ahead.

Already under this government we’ve seen thousands of workers across New Zealand go on strike or announce their intentions to – a stark contrast to the relative stability of the previous National government.

The unions are clearly feeling emboldened by this government, who recklessly over-promised in opposition and are woefully under-delivering. This increase in strike action should come as a serious worry to New Zealanders.

Escalating strike action will make it tougher to do business and harder for Kiwis to access the critical public services, like surgeries, they need.

Our economy will slow, and that’s going to have an impact on New Zealanders’ quality of life. All of this will only worsen when Labour passes its changes to employment law.

The whole country benefits when our businesses have the confidence to grow, employ more staff and boost wages, but this government’s policies are doing exactly the opposite and will just slow the economy down.


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